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Title: Battle Born
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Recipient: [ profile] entrenous88
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Severus Snape/OMC, Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Warnings (if any): A little bit of blood. Not canon compliant.
Wordcount: 2459
Summary: Snape is pressed again into a difficult position
Author's Notes: Wow, okay, so this might barely fit my original prompt. I expected more darkness but this went another way entirely. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. And I'm so very sorry that it isn't smuttier. ;-) Please enjoy! Thank you to [ profile] kennahijja for keeping on me with the reminders and the prodding to get this done. Also, thank you, [ profile] kennahijja for the beta and for being an amazing fest mod!
Originally written for the [ profile] ownficfest.

Battle Born )
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Title: Get Along Little Dogie
Recipient: [personal profile] florahart
Artist: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Medium: Pencils on manila drawing paper
Pairings/Characters: Snape/Charlie and Dragon
Rating: Hard R or NC-17
Warnings/Kinks: NSFW due to full frontal nudity.
Summary: Snape/Charlie with a dragon and a cowboy hat.
Artist's Notes: [personal profile] florahart, I hope you enjoy this 'art.' I wish I could have done more for you but, alas, my imagination far exceeds my skill. :) Heh, I tried to give a bit of smut and heck, I even added the feather from another of your prompts! :D Enjoy! Special thanks to [ profile] twindowlicker for the scan. Originally created for the [ profile] hp_april_fools fest.

April FoolsTeaser

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Title: A Fateful Chain of Events
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Pairing(s): George/Fred/Snape/Harry, Hermione/McGonagall, Mad-Eye/Ron, Bill/Ginny, Dumbledore/Shacklebolt, mentions Remus/Tonks
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU-ish, I changed a few things from OotP in favor of smut. Can you blame me? * Chan (14,15,16 years of age),Incest, Rimming, Het, Slash*
Summary: Fred and George Weasley learn a lot about themselves and the other members of the Order of the Phoenix.
Prompt: #35 Christmas at Grimmauld Place 5th year, the Twins try out a lust potion in the pumpkin juice - the Order Members are there
Author Note: Forgive me for perpetuating a stereotype but I really couldn't get the image out of my brain! Great big, huge, gaping, gobs of thanks go to my betas, [personal profile] lilyseyes & [ profile] zebraspots05 They significantly improved the quality of this story. I hope you all enjoy it. Originally written for the [ profile] santas_lap chan fest.

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Title: Release
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Requestor: [ profile] iam_morningstar
Fandom: Doctor Who/Harry Potter Crossover
Pairing: Snape/Ten
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1,169
Warnings: Language, angsty, bottom!Snape, a bit PWP
Summary: The Doctor and Snape find a little relief together.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, not now or ever. I make no profit from this other than the joy of making these guys shag each other.
A/N: Thanks to my lovely beta, [ profile] zebraspots05, brilliant as always, m'dear. Originally written for [ profile] slashfest Round V.5
This is my first ever crossover fic and the first time I've ever written The Doctor. Concrit welcome.

Release )
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Title: Wink and a Smile
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Slash, Twincest
Disclaimer: Were I J.K. Rowling, my stories would be so much better!
A/N: I kind of turned this prompt on it's ear. Sowee! Enormous thanks to my ever-intrepid beta [ profile] zebraspots05.
Summary/Prompt: Fred and George are trying to set up Harry and Snape. While doing so they discover that their once brotherly love for each other runs much deeper. How do they react to such a discovery? Originally written for the TwinStuff fest at [ profile] twinspiration.

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Title: She Flew Higher
Rating: PG
Strange Brew Prompt: I am a bird girl now
I've got my heart
Here in my hands now
I've been searching
For my wings some time
I'm gonna be born
Into soon the sky
'Cause I'm a bird girl
And the bird girls go to heaven
I'm a bird girl
And the bird girls can fly
Bird girls can fly

-- Bird Gerhl, Antony and the Johnson

Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I have not made, nor will make, any attempt to infringe on the copyrights held by the Corporations or Individuals that are part of Harry Potter. This is purely for the enjoyment of the fans and no monetary gain is made from it.
Author's Notes: Originally written for the [community profile] snuna Strange Brew fest. Many thanks for the great prompt. Kisses and gratitude to my betas [ profile] zebraspots05 and [ profile] forty_licks.

She Flew Higher )
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Title: Of Jesters And Concupiscence
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): FW/GW/SS
Warnings: Fred and George are not yet of age. Masturbation. Incest.
Summary: Prompt #43 - Severus Snape has no time for jokers in his classroom. Fred and George can appreciate that, and decide to gift him with their time and attention outside of class.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just having a little fun with ‘em.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] xylodemon’s Fred and George Ficathon. Enormous thanks go to my beta [ profile] bar_bar_ella. Any mistakes are mine. For [ profile] petquality.

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Title: Volition
Rating: R
Author’s Notes: Believe it or not, this is the very first bit of fan fic I ever wrote. I have never been able to bring myself to post it until now. So here it is. This takes place during Harry's 5th year. This is a bit darker than you're used to from me. Great big thanks to my betas [ profile] bar_bar_ella & [ profile] vibishan and to my britpicker [ profile] misstemperance. They are infallible. Any and all mistakes are mine.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Depicted herein are beloved characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling and all those who are legally attached to the Harry Potter franchise.

Weep with me, won’t you? )

Comments and Critiques are welcome and greatly appreciated. Flames must be funny and/or clever, or they will be deleted immediately.
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Title: She Reads Minds
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer:Not mine. Depicted herein are beloved characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling and all those who are legally attached to the Harry Potter franchise.
Summary: First kiss

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Folks, [ profile] mneomosyne painted a fabulous Valentine's Day Snarry. This fic was written to accompany it. Have a great Valentine's Day!
Title:HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Courage
Fic rating: PG-13/R?
Art rating: NC-17
Warning: Channish. Certainly, the art is channish, though [ profile] mneomosyne promises me Harry is sixteen.
Disclaimer: NOT MINE!!! I make no money whatsoever off my silly little stories about other people's creations.
A/N: Thanks to my fabulous betas [ profile] arielhime, [ profile] vibishan and my lovely Brit picker [ profile] misstemperance

HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Courage )

Snarry Art )
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Title: Headboy & the Slytherin Head of House
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: SS/BW
Warnings: Slash (that means hot man on man action); mild spanking; PWP
Disclaimer: Not mine. Depicted herein are beloved characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling and all those who are legally attached to the Harry Potter franchise.
Summary: The Head Boy wants some extra attention.
A/N: Someone please come up with a name for this thing. I suck at names. Thanks and smooches to my minx beta [ profile] arielhime

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I wrote a birthday fic for Severus. Written for the [ profile] snape_potter January prompt. Without further ado:

Title: Conversation with the Headmaster
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Rating: G-PG
Pairing: SS/HP
Warnings: Pre-slash; Excessive drinking; mostly nude house elf; unbeta'd; Post-HBP (spoilers)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Depicted herein are beloved characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling and all those who are legally attached to the Harry Potter franchise.
Summary: Snape has an unexpected visitor

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Thanks for reading. Please correct my French if needed. [ profile] uniquewonders has brilliantly supplied fixes to my pidgin French.
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Still my very first fan fic. I wrote this for [ profile] anise_anise who was there with some kind words at a very difficult time. She was very kind to beta the story. I left the untouched story in a previous post, if anyone is interested in comparing. Anyhow, on to teh Snarry!

Warnings: This is Snarry. That means it's slash. If you don't know what that is, go away. Seriously, it is not for kids. NC-17. Rimming. AU - Dumbledore lives. And Beware the Schmoopy ending!

Oh yeah, everyone does a disclaimer thingy so...Not mine. Depicted herein are beloved characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling and all those who are legally attached to the Harry Potter franchise.


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