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Fandom: Deadliest Catch
Title: A Father’s Pride
Rating: R
Pairing Phil Harris/Jake Harris
Word Count 144
Warning(s): Incest, Slash, unbeta'd
Disclaimer: Not mine. Nope. No disrespect intended. I really do love these guys. All for the love and the fun. I swear. This isn’t real.
A/N: A teensy weensy ficleteeny.
Summary/Excerpt: See title.

A Father's Pride )
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Title: Boodwaggles
Rating: Hard R
Featured Character or Pairing(s): Fred/George, Percy
Summary: George and Percy are plagued by Boodwaggles
Warnings: Incest, Slash, Underaged sex, Canon compliant through Deathly Hallows (except for the slash, of course), Post-War
Word Count: 2,634
Disclaimer: This is not an attempt to infringe on the copyrights held by the Corporations or Individuals that are part of Harry Potter. This is purely for enjoyment and no monetary gain is made from it..
Author's notes: Originally written for [ profile] weasley_fest as a gift for [ profile] araindog. I must heap oodles of thanks upon my betas. They are awesome individuals and writers and each gave me excellent feedback that I ate up and applied. [personal profile] eeyore9990 & [ profile] svartalfur, you rock my world. Any mistakes herein are solely mine own. Pass the tissues.

Boodwaggles )
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Title: Get Along Little Dogie
Recipient: [personal profile] florahart
Artist: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Medium: Pencils on manila drawing paper
Pairings/Characters: Snape/Charlie and Dragon
Rating: Hard R or NC-17
Warnings/Kinks: NSFW due to full frontal nudity.
Summary: Snape/Charlie with a dragon and a cowboy hat.
Artist's Notes: [personal profile] florahart, I hope you enjoy this 'art.' I wish I could have done more for you but, alas, my imagination far exceeds my skill. :) Heh, I tried to give a bit of smut and heck, I even added the feather from another of your prompts! :D Enjoy! Special thanks to [ profile] twindowlicker for the scan. Originally created for the [ profile] hp_april_fools fest.

April FoolsTeaser

Get )
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Title: Volition
Rating: R
Author’s Notes: Believe it or not, this is the very first bit of fan fic I ever wrote. I have never been able to bring myself to post it until now. So here it is. This takes place during Harry's 5th year. This is a bit darker than you're used to from me. Great big thanks to my betas [ profile] bar_bar_ella & [ profile] vibishan and to my britpicker [ profile] misstemperance. They are infallible. Any and all mistakes are mine.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Depicted herein are beloved characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling and all those who are legally attached to the Harry Potter franchise.

Weep with me, won’t you? )

Comments and Critiques are welcome and greatly appreciated. Flames must be funny and/or clever, or they will be deleted immediately.
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Folks, [ profile] mneomosyne painted a fabulous Valentine's Day Snarry. This fic was written to accompany it. Have a great Valentine's Day!
Title:HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Courage
Fic rating: PG-13/R?
Art rating: NC-17
Warning: Channish. Certainly, the art is channish, though [ profile] mneomosyne promises me Harry is sixteen.
Disclaimer: NOT MINE!!! I make no money whatsoever off my silly little stories about other people's creations.
A/N: Thanks to my fabulous betas [ profile] arielhime, [ profile] vibishan and my lovely Brit picker [ profile] misstemperance

HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Courage )

Snarry Art )
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