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Title: Release
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Requestor: [ profile] iam_morningstar
Fandom: Doctor Who/Harry Potter Crossover
Pairing: Snape/Ten
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1,169
Warnings: Language, angsty, bottom!Snape, a bit PWP
Summary: The Doctor and Snape find a little relief together.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, not now or ever. I make no profit from this other than the joy of making these guys shag each other.
A/N: Thanks to my lovely beta, [ profile] zebraspots05, brilliant as always, m'dear. Originally written for [ profile] slashfest Round V.5
This is my first ever crossover fic and the first time I've ever written The Doctor. Concrit welcome.

"Why is it doing that?"

The Doctor pulled back a little. "It does that when it's excited and when it's irritated… well, mostly when it's irritated. Except when it throbs – then you've got a big problem. But it's excited so we're happy. Just enjoy it!" The Doctor beamed at Severus.

"How in Merlin's name did I ever let you into my bed?"

"My effervescent charm and brilliant wit?"


The Doctor thrusted slowly, deeply.

"Oohhh… yes, that's why." Snape flexed his body. "I wanted to be filled."

"I told you strip poker would be fun."

Severus ignored the Doctor's smug expression. "Shut up and fuck me. Slowly."

"As you wish."

The Doctor commenced to move; his thrusts slow and steady. He pulled out to the tip and held for the briefest of moments before pressing in to the hilt and holding still. He maintained the maddeningly languid pace for what could have been an eternity.

The Doctor knew he could hold out as long as anyone could ever want. This would be a long, sweet fuck; one that allowed the desire and passion to rise gradually, languorously. He was feeling peaceful – and why not? He was balls deep in Severus Snape, who was flat on his back with his mouth open in a long silent moan as his arse was plundered. The Doctor had finally been able, even if only for a short while, to forget her.

Severus was mumbling. The Doctor bent his ear to Snape's mouth to better hear the whispered nothings.

"What is it, then?"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…" over and over again ever so softly.

The Doctor took it as a positive sign and dropped a kiss on the man's forehead. Then he let his mind wander.

Severus Snape. The man under him, so obviously long overdue for release and understanding, was such an amazement to him. The Doctor had long believed that one man could make a difference and if there was ever a man who fit the bill it was Severus Snape. This man, through his decades-long efforts, had thanklessly risked his life and eventually was key in turning the tide in the Great Wizard's War of the late 20th Century. Severus was a true hero but when the Doctor arrived he was horrified to find that history had failed to recognise the truth and instead of praising Snape for his courage and sacrifice, the Wizarding world reviled him. The proud man lived in squalor and survived on the fact that his mastery of potions was too good for some desperate people to ignore.

Snape moaned. The Doctor was shaken from his thoughts. He looked at Snape's flushed face, his sweat-soaked hair clung to his face. The Doctor couldn't imagine him more beautiful. That mouth begged to be kissed. He dropped hot wet kisses on the seeking mouth. The kisses were messy and deep; tongues searched and explored, lips were sucked and bitten. Severus groaned lustily. The Doctor pulled back and lowered his head to lick and suck at the pale slender throat - causing Severus to sigh in response. The Doctor felt his lover's hand move between them.

"Eh, eh, eh. There will be none of that," the Doctor said as he brushed Severus' hand away from his thick erection. "We're in the midst of a long and slow fuck. If I'm holding out, so are you."

Severus grunted.

"Would you rather be on your knees?"

Severus responded by hooking his ankles behind the Doctor's back and pulling him down roughly. "No. Like this. When you finally come I want to see your face."

"Right then and so we continue."


Severus was so responsive and clearly pleased to be fucked by him. Seeing the other man so wanton affected him greatly. If he was not careful, he'd come sooner than later and he didn't want to disappoint Severus. The man had suffered so many disappointments in life he didn't want to add to them, even in this moment, this brief act of connection.

He allowed his thoughts to take him away to the time just before he met Severus. Before he'd had this opportunity to forget his loneliness, back when his mind was on only one thing.

The TARDIS lurched and shook. The Doctor scrambled to adjust and manipulate the controls but he slipped as he tugged at a lever. He allowed himself to crumple in a heap below the console. He no longer took pleasure in the frenetic handling of the ship's controls whilst in flight. And he definitely hated travelling alone. Not caring particularly where the TARDIS took him, he braced himself where he sat and waited – thinking of her.

It'd been a long time since a companion made him fall in love. But Rose… there were times when he'd looked at her, he'd wished he was human. In those moments he was willing to give up all of his hundreds of years for the few with her. He'd have freely given up all of the exploring and adventures and saving the universe for Rose.

"More," gasped Severus.

Brought back again to the present, the Doctor gazed at the love-starved man beneath him. No. He couldn't have given it up. How cruel that would have been. How unfair to this man and to countless others who had been wronged by quirks of time and history.

Severus Snape deserved the exoneration and accolades he now had. The Doctor did that for him, he was able to make Severus' life liveable and, who knows, maybe even happy. The Doctor might never know if Severus ever finds true happiness but he does know that Severus won't be the last one. There will be others. That is the Doctor's life. Alone.

But right here, right now, he was not alone and Severus Snape wanted more. And so he will have it.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" he rasped.

The Doctor raised himself to his knees and pilled Severus' arse and hips onto his lap.



The Doctor thrust. He thrust for all he was worth. He pulled Snape's legs over his shoulders and leant forward and fucked harder.

The other man's moans were broken by the rough bouncing. His hand worked his prick, his eyes squeezed shut, his lips back, his teeth bared.

The Doctor pounded mercilessly. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…" flowed from him again and again until finally, "OH YES!!" And he stilled. He held himself deep inside Severus.

Snape's fist continued to move swiftly along his cock, his breath becoming more and more ragged.

The Doctor's body thrummed as he pulled back a little and thrust one last time and held there.

A violent shout erupted from Severus and a keening carried on through his continued strokes, milking his prick to the last. The sounds became sobs that overcame his whole body.

The Doctor pulled himself from within Severus to lie beside him. He pulled the man close, Snape's back to his chest and they wept together.

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