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Title: A Fateful Chain of Events
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Pairing(s): George/Fred/Snape/Harry, Hermione/McGonagall, Mad-Eye/Ron, Bill/Ginny, Dumbledore/Shacklebolt, mentions Remus/Tonks
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU-ish, I changed a few things from OotP in favor of smut. Can you blame me? * Chan (14,15,16 years of age),Incest, Rimming, Het, Slash*
Summary: Fred and George Weasley learn a lot about themselves and the other members of the Order of the Phoenix.
Prompt: #35 Christmas at Grimmauld Place 5th year, the Twins try out a lust potion in the pumpkin juice - the Order Members are there
Author Note: Forgive me for perpetuating a stereotype but I really couldn't get the image out of my brain! Great big, huge, gaping, gobs of thanks go to my betas, [personal profile] lilyseyes & [ profile] zebraspots05 They significantly improved the quality of this story. I hope you all enjoy it. Originally written for the [ profile] santas_lap chan fest.

It was strange to think that the attack on their father was something to be thankful for, but as his brother thrust a little deeper into him, Fred couldn't help thinking it just a bit. Had Arthur Weasley not been on duty for the Order of the Phoenix and been attacked by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's pet snake, Nagini, he wouldn't have been in hospital and Molly with him, during Christmas dinner. And if Molly hadn't been absent from Christmas dinner, they never would have done it. Never in a million years would the twins have attempted it. But Molly wasn't there. It was up to Tonks to make the feast for the Order and she needed help, didn't she? It was just too easy, really. It was the perfect opportunity to test their latest concoction and it worked. Maybe too well. Had it not been for that fateful chain of events, he wouldn't be here now, locked in his brother's heated embrace as they made love on the large and luxurious bed of their new lover as they awaited his arrival.

"So love being inside you," George murmured wetly against his brother's neck.

Shaken from his thoughts, Fred pulled George tight against him. "That makes two of us."

"Fuck yeah."

"Fuck yeah..."



"Kiss me. I'm gonna come now."

"Touch me," was all Fred said before he hungrily kissed George's mouth.

George did as he was told and took hold of his brother's cock and massaged it the way he knew Fred liked. There were a lot of things like that that he now knew about his brother. This was true for both of them. The few weeks since Christmas had been full of glorious exploration and discovery. Their partner had been extremely open and patient with them and provided a safe place where they could fully delve into what they had learnt of themselves that day.

They climaxed together and then rolled to lie side-by-side panting in each other's tired embrace.

"Hard to believe this life is real, innit?" George lazily stroked Fred's chest.

"I never would have believed it if you'd told me a month ago."

"Thank Merlin for memory charms, eh?"

"Indeed," came a reply from the direction of the doorway with a voice so dark and full of rich deep undertones that it made the twins shiver every time they heard it.


"Bloody hell…"

"Well, I guess it works."

It's not often the Weasley twins are dumbstruck. It's even less often they are shocked outright. They wouldn't have believed it if they hadn't been seeing it with their very own eyes.

Generally, when they looked upon the members of the Order of the Phoenix, they saw a perfectly good group of guinea pigs. Why not? It's not like it was a potion they could test on themselves like usual, was it? Just a few drops in the pumpkin juice when Tonks wasn't looking, and sit back and observe the results. Simple, easy, and painless. They weren't even sure the lust potion would work anyway so where’s the harm?

It worked, of that there could be no question. The twins looked around the dining room of 12 Grimmauld Place and gaped. Sometimes in horror and sometimes in awe but gape they did with mouths nearly to the floor. Various Order members had paired off and were engaging in varied sexual activities.

"Sweet Merlin! Look at Dumbledore!"

"Bloody hell, he's a bloody cock-sucking fiend."

Their eyes were transfixed for a time at the sight of Albus Dumbledore gleefully on his knees, deep throating possibly the largest cock in the room, that of Kinglsey Shacklebolt. Kingsley stood with his robes pulled up and thrown over his shoulders so he stood practically naked.

"Blimey, he's fit!"

George looked at his brother, "What, you want to have a go?"

Fred grinned, "Maybe."

George was about to question his brother further when his eye was caught by another coupling.

"Raving Rowena, look at that!" He pointed over to where Professor McGonagall was seated. Her head was thrown back with her eyes screwed shut and her hand was clasped over her mouth, muffling her gasps.

"What the bloody hell…" Fred motioned George to follow him to where they could better see because it appeared as though she sat at the table and was merely gasping alone.

"Maybe she's just touching herself?" George shrugged.

"Uh-uh, that's not the point of the potion, is it? Come here."

Fred and George crouched low to look under the table.

"Mm, that's a good girl…" sighed McGonagall. "Ten points."

The twins giggled at the sight of McGonagall's robes hiked up above her hips and Hermione's bushy head buried between her thighs.

"Oh, I want to see that!" Fred crawled under the table and moved in close.

"What are you doing?!"

"I just want to see. I've never seen a girl licking another girl before."

"Don't you mean old woman?" called George.

Fred reached out and pushed the bushy brown hair back a bit to expose Hermione's tongue lapping at McGonagall's wet vulva. She moved her tongue about and licked the little nub at the top which caused McGonagall to squirm. Hermione moved her entire head about and appeared to shove her tongue inside McGonagall. She moaned and Hermione pulled back and slipped two fingers inside and dove right back in, licking her professor enthusiastically.

Fred dropped the hair he held back and crawled back out from under the table.

"Where do you suppose she learned to do that?"

"How do you know she hasn't been doing it for McGonagall all along?"

"Oh, now that's a thought, innit? You suppose that's how she got McGonagall to agree to let her use that time-turner her third year?"

The boys burst into laughter at the thought of a thirteen-year-old Hermione offering sexual favours for a way to gain an academic advantage.

"I believe she'd do it," sputtered George. He stopped laughing when he saw that his brother wore a peculiar expression. "What?"

It wasn't quite disgust but it had a tinge of it. In truth, there was also a tiny bit of what looked like awe. He followed his brother's gaze to see their eldest brother, Bill, suckling at small breasts. He licked and sucked while his fingers delved into the knickers of their baby sister, Ginny. She gasped and fumbled, reaching into his robes. He pulled up to help her by tugging up his robes and exposing his straining erection. She reached for it greedily.

"Whoa. C'mon, erm, let's go over here, Fred." George tugged at his brother's sleeve from the incestuous sight when they were hit with a wall of revulsion.

"EWWWW!" They reeled back at the sight that struck them. Ron was mashed between the dining room wall and Mad-Eye Moody. All that could be seen was disrobed flesh squashed against flesh and the bare rump of the paranoid ex-Auror. Ron could hardly be seen at all. Only muffled moans could be heard from their brother.

"Wait a minute," said Fred, "he won't drink anything that doesn't come from his flask!"

"No need to thank me, dear brother, I did what was necessary. We needed everyone to be on the potion, didn't we?"

"Yeah, but, how did you…"

"Shh, I can't tell you that, then all the mystery'd be gone from our relationship, wouldn't it?" George wore a smug expression.

"Yeah, but ew, know what I mean? Poor Ron."

"Heh, the worst part is knowing that somewhere, deep down, he wanted it," George grimaced.

The twins shuddered.

Fred looked around. "Where'd Remus go?"

"Didn't you see? He and Tonks ran out of here right off."



"What about Harry? Did you see what happened to him?"

"Merlin's Balls! I didn't even think of it then," gasped George. "He and Snape slipped out early on as well!"

"Harry and Snape?!" Fred exclaimed. "Holy shit! This is all so wrong. So completely wrong."

"Seriously twisted."

"Truly wicked. I want in!"

"What?!" cried George, in shock, as Fred poured himself a glass of pumpkin juice.

"What are you doing?!"

"I want to play. Everyone is having a great time!"

"But we're supposed to be observing the effects."

"You observe, I'll play." Fred threw his head back and quaffed the pumpkin juice.

George was stunned. "You're cracked! You know that with the Veritaserum we added it makes you go after the one you truly want deep down inside! What are you doing?"

Fred winked at George. "Follow me."

The twins left the musky dining room that was, by now, quite noisy with sounds of lovemaking. Fred began throwing doors open.

"What are you doing? Who are you looking for?" George straggled behind Fred as best he could.

"No one. In here, come."

George followed Fred.

"What I want," Fred grasped George by the collar of his robes, "is right here."

Fred tugged George close.

“Wait…” George pulled from Fred to get a better look at something in a corner of the library. "What's that?"

"I don't care, George."

But George didn't listen. "C'mere, Fred."

They peered around a couple of bookcases and saw Snape. Severus Snape, bare-chested and straddling a very lust-intoxicated Harry Potter.

"Please, professor, stop teasing me," whinged Harry.

"You will learn respect, Potter."

"Please, sir, may I touch you?"

"You may."

Harry reached up and stroked Snape's chest.

"You feel so good, sir."

"As do you, Potter."

"Sir, please kiss me," Harry pleaded.

"As you wish, Potter." Snape bent over and smothered Harry with a ravenous kiss.

It all seemed very uncharacteristic to the twins. Why would Harry whinge for Snape's touch, why would Snape succumb?

"Snape didn't have any pumpkin juice, he never does. He loathes the stuff," remarked George.

"I didn't even think he'd show up. What the blazes is going on?" Fred was frustrated and tried to grope George through his robes.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing, I just thought I'd have a feel while we thought this out."

"Stop that!" George brushed Fred's hands off of him. "What are you doing?"

Fred sighed, "Struggling, really. You really must relax. Accio glass of pumpkin juice!"

Fred raised his wand and summoned a tall glass of the spiked pumpkin juice.

"Don't. I told you, I don't want that."

"No you didn't. I’ll just keep it here for when you're ready, that's all."

"Messrs Weasley, what a surprise. To what do we owe the pleasure?" drawled Snape's dark voice.

"Oh, just snooping, is all," chimed Fred. "I'm trying to get George to drink the pumpkin juice, really. You see, it turns out I fancy him but he won't touch me. A real dilemma, that."

"Tragic. Why don't you simply drink the pumpkin juice, Weasley? I see you can hardly take your eyes from Mister Potter."

It was true. It appeared that Harry was far gone and just ached to feel Snape's touch again. Or anyone's touch, really. He was such a tempting sight, anyone would have been drawn to him.

"You didn't drink pumpkin juice, Snape," accused George.

"No, I didn't. I find it unpalatable."

"But… but you're still here molesting Harry!"

"Who wouldn't? The little whelp threw himself at me. Who am I to deny the 'Saviour of the Wizarding World'?"

"But it's wrong, professor!"

"Mister Weasley, from what I can see of the way your brother is fondling you, you are the only person, other than myself, who has not partaken of the embellished pumpkin juice."

George nodded in agreement.

"Then drink, boy!"

George gaped at Snape.

"I'm completely serious, Weasley. You'll be miserable if you don't. The entirety of the Order is indulging in their baser desires. If you do not give in, you will be utterly bereft. Drink!"

Had the world turned upside down? This was madness! George watched as Snape turned his attention back to Harry. He became mesmerised as Snape dropped kisses along Harry's throat and sucked the boy's collarbone.

"He's right, George. Have a sip." Fred held up the glass of pumpkin juice. "Trust us," grinned Fred.

George heaved a sigh and said, "Fine." He threw back everything in the goblet that held the elixir Fred had summoned.

"Good," Fred purred.

They waited.

"How do you feel," Fred ventured.

"Like I want to jump you," rumbled George.

Fred shivered in anticipation, "Don't worry, I'll let you."

George launched himself at Fred, tackling him to the floor and without ado, rutted against him and unartfully slavered him with kisses.

"Disgusting," came a muffled drawl.

Fred looked over to see that Snape now appeared to have his nose buried in Harry's arse.

"You're not allowed to judge, Snape, you're molesting your student. George and I are none of your business."

"For your information, Weasley, I couldn't give a Jarvey's arse about your choice of partner. I merely reacted to your unstudied coupling."

At that, George raised his head from Fred's throat.

"Oi, what's he going on about studying now? Timing, Snape. We're a bit busy at the mo'."

"I think he's saying we're doing it wrong."

"Couldn't be. I'm hard as stone."

"I don’t think that matters." Fred turned his attention back to Snape who was now laving Potter's bollocks with his tongue while his fingers gently probed Harry's arsehole. Harry moaned softly. "Oi, Snape, what do you mean unstudied? I mean, you gonna do more than just criticise? How about a tip or two?"

"I'd love a tip or two, Weasley, but I think that may be rather advanced for you."

"Who knew you were a comedian, Snape," Fred said sardonically. "C'mon then, a little help, yeah?"

George grumbled, "Why are you still talking?" then proceeded to messily kiss Fred.

Snape groaned. "Alright. Just stop doing that."

"You don't have to watch, Snape," snapped George.

"You will do what I tell you, unless you enjoy being drowned in your brother's saliva, Fweasley."

The Twins ceased all groping and sat up to stare at Snape. "Fweasley?!"

"Right, not my best moment." A faint hint of pink tinged Snape's face.

"Can't you just call us by our given names?" George threw his hands up.

"We won't tell anyone you did."

"Could that be anymore shameful than your putting your fingers in Harry's arse?"

"Or our taking sex hints from you?"

"It's… it's," Snape began.

"Uncharacteristic, right. And Fweasley wasn't?" interrupted Fred.

"Fine," Snape gave in, then resumed his command voice. "Fred, George, lie down parallel to Harry."

"Oh good, now we're getting somewhere!" said Fred.

The twins hurried to do as they were told.

"Oh look! Friends!" cooed Harry. "Hullo friends! Are you going to join us? Let's have sex with them too, Snape."

Snape raised an eyebrow at the twins.

"Just tell us what to do, Snape," demanded George.

"Let's start off simply. You will kiss each other. DO NOT confuse that with the act of depositing all that your salivary glands can produce onto your partner's face. Start with simple mouth on mouth kisses. Take time to enjoy the sensation of the other's lips on yours."

The twins began to do as instructed.

"You may open your mouths ever-so-slightly to more fully feel each other's lips. Feel free to roam about your partner's body with your hands. Take your time to take in what the other's touch is doing to you and what that touch feels like on your fingers and hands. After a time, you may proceed to further explore the other's mouth with your tongue. Softly! DO NOT shove your tongue down your partner’s throat. Do what feels good. Communicate this to your partner.

"Do this while I recommence my explorations of Mist – Harry."

"Thank god! I was starting to feel neglected." Harry opened his arms and welcomed Snape eagerly. "Can I call you Severus?"


Snape swooped down onto Harry and resumed revelling in his body. Harry tugged at Snape's robes that still hung about his lower body.

"Take these off. I want to feel all of you all over me."

Quick to acquiesce, Snape stripped swiftly and reached into his robe pocket and pulled out a green phial. He looked at Harry’s angel smooth face – nary a hint of downy soft hairs could be found there. His gazed was clouded with lust and his lips glistened brightly from Snape’s ravishing.

"Potter… Harry, it's time you were thoroughly fucked."

Harry's only response was a girlish squeal.

"Spread your legs. The lubricant might be cool, it will warm soon enough."

"You brought lube? You knew?" Harry asked.

"Don’t be silly. I always carry lube," replied Snape, matter-of-factly.

In response to the incredulous look Harry gave him, Snape pressed a lubed finger to Harry's arsehole.


"Oh, I'm relaxed. I just can't wait to feel you pounding inside me, Snape," Harry grinned mischievously.

After a few minutes of careful preparation, Snape pulled Harry's legs over his shoulders and squared himself with Harry's arse. He lined up cock with arsehole and pressed against the tightly muscled ring.

"Let me in. Bear down a bit and stay relaxed to the intrusion." Snape sucked his bottom lip between his teeth as he pressed further.

Harry wore a strained expression and whimpered at the strange assault.

"GAWD, Snape!"

Snape halted. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Fuck no! God, it's just so much to take. I never… I never felt this before. Make it feel good, Snape! Make it hurt so good."

"With pleasure, Potter."

Snape increased the pressure and was soon thrusting easily. Snape altered the angle of his cock and was greeted with a gratifying moan from Harry.

"Fuck, Snape. Oh fuck." Harry was debauched and greedy for more. "I need… I need something in my mouth. Fuck, I need more. Please, Snape, give me more."

Snape looked over to where the Weasley twins had gone far beyond the few instructions he'd given them. They were both now fully naked and George was noisily slurping at Fred's cock.

Snape looked from them to Harry and pulled out of Harry. The teen pouted at the loss.

"On your knees, Harry."

Harry instantly obeyed.

Snape knelt behind him and resumed fucking him. Once he found a good rhythm, he said, "George, get over here and put your cock in Harry's mouth."

Harry's eyes opened wide.

George stopped what he was doing and looked at his brother. Fred nodded as if to say, 'Do as he says.' This apparently was all that was needed because he hopped right up and immediately placed his penis to Harry's lips. Harry gobbled it down as best he could and moaned deeply around it.

"Fucking hell…" sighed George.

"Sweet Merlin, Harry," gasped Snape.

He thrust a bit harder at the filthy sight of Harry Potter being taken from both ends. This bounced Harry roughly between the two. To everyone's amazement Harry was keeping right up and never showed any hint of discomfort or tiring.

"What about me?" whinged Fred.

"Come here, Fred, I have an empty mouth," drawled Snape.

"Holy shit. Yeah, Snape? Oh fuck yeah, suck me." Fred eagerly stood next to Snape.

"Let us see what you have learned, shall we?" Snape reached over with his right hand and pulled Fred in for a kiss. Before bringing their mouths together, he took a moment to pause mere millimetres from Fred's face to inhale. "I can smell your brother. You smell good." Then he bit Fred's lower lip and pulled it into his mouth.

Fred took a sharp inhalation of breath, unsure of how to react. Because of his gasp, he further parted his lips and Snape dove in with a flick of his tongue and moved his mouth over Fred's upper lip and bit it too.

Fred pulled back and raised his hand to his mouth. He and George hadn't bitten each other. Snape's bites didn't hurt but they were unexpected.

"Are you actually surprised that I bite?" Snape asked with a smirk.

Fred chuckled nervously. "No, I guess not. Kiss me some more." Fred leaned in for more. This time Snape did not bite but took time to thoroughly probe Fred's mouth with his tongue.

Fred gasped, "You have a wicked tongue!"

"Imagine it all over your cock."


Snape glanced over at George and saw that his face was screwed up and his thrusts were increasing in pace.

"George, I want you to make a ring at the base of your penis with your thumb and fore finger. Then squeeze that ring tightly around your prick. Do not release it until I tell you to. Do you understand me?"

"Can I keep fucking Harry's mouth?"



"Are you ready for me, Fred?"

Fred nodded. "Mm hm."

Snape dropped his head and placed his mouth on the head of Fred's penis. He took a moment to enjoy the feeling of the spongy tip on his lips. Snape stuck the tip of his tongue out and prodded the hole there. When he tasted the pre-come that had collected there he became enflamed. He took in the head and laved it with his tongue, swirling and sucking and humming.

Fred tried not to buck but the things Snape was doing made it so hard for him not to.

Snape swallowed the cock down to the back of his throat. He did all he could to make the suction tight.

Fred yelped in response. The constriction was so tight it was nearly painful but in a very delicious way. This time he did pull out a bit and thrust back in. He somehow got it in his head that it would be a good idea to grab the back of Snape's head to steady it as he repeated his thrusts.

Snape adjusted his rhythm to match Fred's so that the boy's thrusts aided his thrusts into Harry.

"Fuck, Snape, ah, fuck. I want George… want George."

Fred pulled all the way out of Snape's mouth.

"I want to finish inside George. He's the one I really want."

"Then have him. Kneel behind him and bury your face in his arse. I want you to lick the hole you want to fuck."

Fred's eyes were glazed with lust. "Gods, Snape, you're a really sick fuck, you know that?" He knelt behind his brother and did as he was told.

George squirmed and giggled.

"You’re licking my arse!"

"Don't release the ring, George!"

"Right, I won't."

Snape groped his robes on the floor beside him for his wand.

"That's enough, Fred. Move away from your brother a bit." Snape flicked his wand at George's arse. "You may now penetrate him. Use the lubricant found in the phial on floor there. Apply it liberally."

“What’d you do to my arse, Snape?!”

“Merely ensured that no matter how inept your brother’s efforts, you will not be seriously damaged.”

“Oh, how thoughtful!”

“Shut up and fuck.”

After coating his cock with lube, Fred knelt behind George and aimed his cock at his brother's arsehole. He steadily pushed and soon broke through and was inside.

"Fuck me, Fred. It doesn't even hurt."

Encouraged, Fred moved his pelvis much as he had when he fucked Snape's face. He grabbed hold of George's hips and used them to counter-balance himself as he fucked his twin's arse.

The four men somehow found a steady ebb and flow between them, making their congress a constant undulation of skin and muscle. Their moans and gasps the only sound, with the occasional slurp from Harry.

"George, release the ring around your penis."


George pumped and pumped and thrust like a man possessed, coming hard in Harry's mouth. Fred howled at the feel of George's arse muscles squeezing down on his prick. He came quickly and was instantly spent. Both boys tiredly slumped down together on the floor.

Having Harry all to himself now, Snape took a good firm hold of the boy's hips and fucked him for all he was worth. Harry's moans were broken by the bumping from behind and Snape's face had reddened with effort.

George, thoughtful George, took notice of Harry's straining prick and decided to stroke it. Harry's expression changed to show appreciation, so he continued the hand job determinedly.

"Gods yes!" was the shout from Snape as he came, crashing his hips against Harry's arse.

George sped up, thinking Harry might be close to completion.

"Mmm… mmm… ohhh… ohhh… OHHHH! Oohhh… ohhh… mmm." Harry smiled bashfully. He'd made a mess all over George's hand and the rug.


“Snape!” the twins chimed.

“Took you an eon to get here so we warmed up for you,” teased Fred as George dragged his fingers along his freckled torso.

“And a fine job you did. However, there will necessarily be a change in our plans tonight,” replied Snape.

The twins pouted, “Oh no, what?”

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to allow for another in our usual ménage.”

Fred and George exchanged puzzled looks. “What?”

“Someone has finally got over himself and has decided to embrace his inner demon and return to the fold.” Snape stepped aside to reveal the person behind him. “Potter, care to say a few words to Messrs Weasley?”

Harry stepped forward to address the bewildered duo. “Erm, hi guys. I’m sorry I was such a twat these past few weeks. I’m grateful you didn’t Obliviate me like everybody else and the truth is, I really had a great time with you that day and, erm, can’t really think about anything else since. Ever. I wasn’t really angry at you and Snape. I was just kinda shocked at myself.” Harry shuffled his feet where he stood. “Forgive me?”

“Daw, ‘course we do!” The twins leapt off the bed and embraced Harry.

“You realise you are wearing too many clothes, right mate?” said Fred, tugging at Harry’s robes.

“Yeah, I guess I am,” Harry blushed. “But can I be alone with Snape, first, for a bit?”

“Sure thing, Harry. You just let us know when you want us to lend a hand,” said George with a wink.

“We’ll just go run a bath. What do you think about that, George?”

George grinned. “I think I’ll just fetch that super slick oily stuff Snape makes for the bath.”

“Have fun, you two. I know we will,” called Fred over his shoulder as they entered the bathroom.

“I must have a poor memory because I didn’t quite remember how beautiful those two are.”

“They certainly have their charms.” Snape’s gaze was focussed steadily on Harry. “Why are you here?”

“I’m sorry. I… I was confused and I convinced myself that what happened was wrong. I never really hated it, I’m sorry, I just…”

“I find this line of discussion trite and a bit tedious. Are you here to apologise because I rather you didn’t.”

Harry looked stunned. “Well, I…”

“Why are you here, Potter?”

Harry stammered a bit. “You. I. You. We...”

Snape ran a hand through the unruly hair atop Harry’s head. Harry shut up.

“Why are you here?” Snape asked again except this time the question lacked the bite it had before.

Harry hesitated. “You. I want you.”

“What do you want from me?” Snape cradled Harry’s head in one hand and ran a long stained finger from the other hand down the side of his face and across his cheek down to his soft tiny lips.

Snape’s actions drew a shiver from Harry. “I want you to fuck me.”

Snape’s lip curled, revealing a few jagged teeth. “Good. Then let us begin.”
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