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Title: Wink and a Smile
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Slash, Twincest
Disclaimer: Were I J.K. Rowling, my stories would be so much better!
A/N: I kind of turned this prompt on it's ear. Sowee! Enormous thanks to my ever-intrepid beta [ profile] zebraspots05.
Summary/Prompt: Fred and George are trying to set up Harry and Snape. While doing so they discover that their once brotherly love for each other runs much deeper. How do they react to such a discovery? Originally written for the TwinStuff fest at [ profile] twinspiration.

"Is there something else I can help you with, Mr. Weasley?"

Snape gently stirred the softly simmering contents in the cauldron.

"No. Why?"

"You're still here." He adjusted the level of the flame.

"What? A bloke can't hang around and chat with a mate?"

Snape raised an eyebrow.

"Is that what we are?"

"Sure! What would YOU call people who've saved each other's lives and seek each other's assistance from time to time?"

"Tragically besotted characters in a trite Muggle novella."

"Mates, you daft dark wizard! Not surprised you didn't recognise it."

With feigned chagrin, Snape replied, "I beg your pardon Mr. Weasley. I had no idea our relationship had progressed."

"No worries, mate, now you know," Fred winked.


"Are you unwell? Might you be having a seizure? Your eye is twitching."

"Stop it, Snape, you know it was just a wink."

"Don't expect any winks from me." Snape adjusted his stirring to a figure eight motion.

Fred chuckled. "Fine. But I do expect you to join us for dinner."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Stop begging, Snape. We'll see you at our flat at eight o'clock on Thursday. Dress to impress. Might I suggest that dashing set of robes you wear every so often… you know, the black ones." Fred grinned guilelessly at Snape.

Snape frowned.

"What are you up to, Weasley?"

"Just stuff that mates do. You don't have any food allergies, right? Good. See you Thursday!"

Fred crossed to the hearth in three paces and floo'd away before Snape could offer any further protest.


"…and then before I could ask him what he was going on about, he Disapparated," Harry sipped his cognac.

"Mm… I had a similar visit from Fred Weasley today."

"You too? What do you suppose those two are up to?"

Snape's face shifted into a smirk.

"Isn't it obvious? They're matchmaking."

Harry nearly snorted cognac out of his nose.

"What?! That's a laugh. What are they thinking?"

"I beg your pardon, Mr. Potter, but exactly what is so humorous about the thought of you and I in a romantic relationship?"

"Did you hear yourself? Romantic and Snape do not go together."

Snape sniffed.

"You're right." Snape stood abruptly depositing Harry, who was reclining against him, on the sofa roughly. "You can sleep alone tonight in your filthy flat."

"Whoa, wait. You're upset?"

Snape crossed the distance from the sitting room to the corridor leading to the bedroom.

"I have just been insulted, Potter. I'll not waste my time in an affair where I am not appreciated. Good night. You can see yourself out."

Harry sprang to his feet.

"Snape! I'm sorry. I just meant I didn't think others saw you that way too. Really. I never meant to imply that you aren't a wonderful and giving lover. Honest! Severus?"

"I hope you don't think that a few pleasing words to stroke my ego are all that's needed for you to make amends. If you do, you are tremendously deluded."

Harry's heart leapt.

"Tell me, how can I make it up to you?"

"Mr. Potter… so very typical of you to want the answers handed to you. I'm going to wash before bed. If you plan to join me, be sure you are properly attired when I enter the bedroom. I will have satisfaction."

Snape turned on his heel and disappeared down the corridor. Harry's cock twitched and he quickly made his way to the rumpus chest in the bedroom. He'd need to find the right toys for his atonement. His grin spread wide.


"George, come here!"

George Weasley appeared beside his brother in the blink of an eye.

"What's up?"

"Try the sauce." Fred lifted the spoon to George's mouth. "Careful, it's hot. Blow on it."

George blew lightly and stuck his tongue out and lightly tested the temperature with the tip of his tongue. Satisfied with the heat, he took the sauce-covered spoon in his mouth. Fred pulled the spoon from his brother's mouth.


George looked up thoughtfully.

"Mm… it's perfect!" He smiled warmly at Fred. "As always."

"Better than Mum's?"

"You're asking me to blaspheme!" With a wink and a pat to Fred's bum, he continued, "Anything for you, bro. I, George Weasley, declare your wild mushroom sauce better than Mum's."

"Bloody right, that." Fred lowered the flame under the saucepan. "How's the ambiance coming along?"

"Brilliantly," George beamed. "Linen and candles all the way, bro. It's so romantic in there, you have to be inhuman not to fall in love."

"Excellent! Pick a wine, won't you? Draco tells me Snape prefers elf-made wine, so pick a good one."

George paused.

"Oh. Are you seeing Draco again?"

"What? No, I just met him for a drink to get information about Snape." Fred let out a chuckle. "I think he thinks I want to seduce Snape. Can you imagine me and Snape?"

"Given enough Fire Whisky, sure, why not? You'd be surprised what all I've imagined about you."

"Really? Like what?"

"Nothing. It was just a joke. I'm off to find a good few bottles of wine. Thanks for the hint, Fred."

"Sure thing. George?"


"I think we're right about this. I really do."

Fred was smiling his beatific smile at George. It was almost painful, how beautiful his smile was. George felt his chest tighten.

"They're perfect for each other. Like two halves that can only be whole when they are together. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah, Fred. I think I do."


"Well, that was interesting."

Harry brushed himself off after tumbling out of Snape's fireplace.

"Yeah. Almost felt like we should leave a few times there. Glad we stayed for pudding, though, it was so good!" Harry crossed the hearth to the man waiting. "Hi."

Snape gathered Harry in his arms and crushed their mouths together. The boy plastered his body to Snape's and leaned heavily against him. Their tongues entwined and took turns being sucked. The wretched boy pulled away slightly.

"Mm, yeah. It was tough keeping my hands off you tonight. They made everything so damn romantic!"

"Yes, they were successful in creating a suggestive atmosphere. Now stop talking and give me your mouth."

Snape kissed Harry possessively.

After a few bone melting minutes, Harry panted, "I had no idea you were so suggestible. Wow."

"I've been hard all night, you fool. Your damned emerald eyes kept glistening just so at me. I kept bloody losing myself in them. I ought to curse your mother in the beyond for them."

"Only you would get angry for being turned on. And it's not my Mum's fault you're hot for me."


Harry stuck his tongue out at Snape.

"You stick that tongue out, you had better use it."

"Can I lick you there tonight, Snape? You'll like it, I promise."

"You can do whatever you like but please, let's move this conversation to the bedroom."

Snape steered Harry toward the bedroom.

"Dinner was delicious but what about those strange looks between Fred and George? Did you notice that?"

"One would have to be dead not to notice."

"What was that about, do you think?"

"I think we were not the only ones affected by the ambiance. Take your robes off."

They had entered the room and Snape immediately began to disrobe.

"You mean Fred and George are hot for each other?" Harry draped his robes over the back of the chair next to the chest of drawers.

"It appeared that way, yes."

"Wow. That's… that's…"



Snape regarded Harry's stunned look.

"It happens more often than you think. I've walked in on more than a few siblings in flagrante delicto in my years at Hogwarts."

Snape crossed to the bed and pulled back the duvet.

"If you're going to have your mouth open so widely, do put it to good use. Come here."

Harry joined Snape on the bed.

"Anybody I know?"

Snape thought for a moment.

"I believe the Creevey's were in your House, were they not?"

"Ew, gods, really?"

"Minerva bemoaned the fact that she could never quite disabuse them of their behaviour."

"So, were Fred and George into each other while they were at Hogwarts?"

"I never heard anything of that sort about any Weasley during my tenure at Hogwarts."

Snape leaned in and nuzzled Harry's ear.

"Oh so maybe they're not really hot for each other."

Snape pulled his tongue from Harry's ear.

"You sound disappointed. It could be that we saw what we wanted to see tonight. Is that it?"

Snape returned to mouthing Harry's ear. He pressed kisses to the lovely neck and sucked at the pulse point.

"I suppose."

"Tell me, Harry. Tell me what about the thought of Fred and George excited you?"

Snape recommenced nibbling on Harry's soft flesh.

"Oh. Well, I dunno, I guess I didn't think…"

"Tonight, Harry. What did you see tonight?"

Snape's mouth trailed down the small chest while his fingers spread down the flat stomach, running through the trail of hair there. Harry's belly quivered and Snape's mouth closed around his left nipple.

"I saw George take long looks at Fred tonight."



Snape returned to assaulting Harry's nipple.

"I thought I saw Fred blush when he looked up and caught George looking."

Harry thrust his fingers into pitch greasy strands and pulled Snape away.

"Too much," he gasped.

Snape smirked.

"Tell me, Harry, did your mind wander as you watched them? Did you imagine them together?" Snape lowered his mouth back onto Harry's body. He kissed and sucked a trail down the silky pale abdomen.

"Did you imagine yourself with them?"

"Wha – did you?"

"I did."

Snape sucked at the juncture where thigh meets torso. Harry squirmed the way Snape knew he would. He moved and hovered his mouth over Harry's erection, allowing his mouth to brush lightly against the head as he spoke.

"Did you imagine a head of fiery red hair bouncing in your lap with your fingers tangled in the locks?"

Snape swallowed Harry's prick down his throat.

"Ahhh, yes! Yes, I did."

Snape sucked hard up the entire length and mouthed around the tip, "Tell me, I need to hear." His mouth descended again around the cock.

"Gods, um, I was lying on my back and Fred was sucking on me. I held his head while I fucked up into his mouth. And, um, then George came up behind him and started to fuck his arse."

Snape hummed.

"Then you… you straddled my chest and put your dick in my mouth. You bent over my head and fucked me. Gods, so close…"

Snape stroked his own cock while he sucked Harry's prick.

"You were talking to me while you fucked my face. You used that voice you use when you want to make me real horny. You told me to take your cock and swallow you down."

Snape moaned around Harry's hardness.

"Oh god, oh god, fuck. And I did. I took it. I took it all and I swallowed you down when you came. Fuck!"

Harry's climax exploded roughly in Snape's mouth. Snape swallowed down as much as he could and kept pumping his own cock. He swept his tongue across Harry's groin, chasing down all that escaped. When he'd finished licking up his lover's emission, he stood on his knees and hovered over Harry.

Harry was debauched and panting, his eyes watched Snape's fist sliding along his cock.

"Open your mouth, Potter."

He did and Snape came all over his face.


"That went well, I think."

Fred cleared his throat.

"Eh, yeah, I guess so. But they didn't floo home together."

"Well, it was just their first date and maybe they need another one."

"You think?"

"Yes. I mean, if you think so," George's voice raised hopefully.

"Of course I do. Anything for a friend, right? I mean, I enjoyed the evening and our time putting it together was… fun."

"Great! I, uh, I think so too. I'll go see Harry later and offer another dinner."

"Okay, and I'll go see Snape. We need more kneazle saliva, anyway."

"Excellent!" George embraced his brother awkwardly. "I'm off. I'm meeting Ron to shame him into asking Hermione to marry him."

"Right. Later, then."

George thought for a moment that Fred leaned in, but he knew better and shook off the thought.


"Had a visit from George again."

Harry nipped at his lover's ear.

"Could it have something to do with another dinner invite?"

"Why yes it does! Have you developed the gifts of a seer?"

Harry sucked at Snape's neck.

"Fred Weasley paid me a visit today looking for supplies and offering another free meal."

Harry lifted his head and looked Snape in the eye.

"Are we ever going to tell them, or anyone for that matter, that we've been fucking for months?"

"Whatever for?"

"What d'you mean, 'whatever for'? I thought we'd tell everyone soon. It's nearly been a year. Don't you want people to know about us?"

Snape sighed.

"It's only been three quarters of a year and why would I give up the scrumptious feast being offered up by the twins Weasley? Their culinary skills surpass those of their mother."

"Oh, I get it. You're joking."

"Wouldn't you like to see what happens this next time?" Snape arched an eyebrow.

"Oh, you mean after?"

"That too, yes. Doesn't their burgeoning romance intrigue you? I know it arouses you."

"You want to help them get together?!"

"I have no qualms with such an affair. Do you?"

Harry paused to think for a few moments.

"No actually, I don't."

"Then let us indulge them."

Harry smiled excitedly at Snape.

"Tell me again your fantasy about them. It was so much hotter than mine!"


"This has been another fine feast, Messrs Weasley."

Snape raised his glass.

"Thank you, Snape," they beamed.

"So pleased you liked it," added Fred.

"We really enjoyed organising this little gathering."

"Yes, you two do seem to flow seamlessly together. One hardly can tell where one ends and the other begins. Do you actually have separate beds?"

Harry coughed.

"This is great wine! Is there more?"

The twins glanced at each other briefly.

"Sure there is. Shall I open another bottle?"

George looked about the table for a response.
"Yes," answered Snape.

"Alright, I'll go fetch another bottle."

George rose and excused himself from the dining room.

Snape made eye contact with Fred and said, "You should help him find that bottle." Snape gave a quick side-glance at Harry and brought his eyes back to Fred's.

"Oh… oh! Yeah, I guess I'll go do that. 'Scuse me, Harry, Snape."


"Did you think I couldn't find it?"

"No, Snape just about threw me out of there. I think he wants to be alone with Harry. Let's give them a few minutes."

"Really? That's great! What do we do in the meantime?"

"Dunno." Fred put a hand out to touch the bottle George was holding. "It really is good wine. Where did you find it?"

"I floo'd Draco."

"Right to the source, eh?"

"Well, you said he knew the type of wine Snape likes so I offered a trade of product for wine."

"Good idea, you."

George shrugged his shoulders. "What do I know from wines? I figured I could do worse than have Draco pick it."

Fred was beaming and looking at George with bright eyes and beatific smile again.

"No wonder I –" Fred stopped.

He took the bottle of wine from George and turned it over in his hands. George's stomach flipped. He turned his body to fully face his brother. Fred countered and shifted too. This left his back flush against the kitchen counter. George braced his right hand on the edge of the countertop just beside Fred. He leaned in a bit. Fred kept his focus on the bottle in his hands.

"No wonder you what?"

"No wonder I liked the wine so much. Draco picked it."

Fred looked up to find his brother's eyes. They fell.

"Oh… Oh."

They stood in silence for some breathless moments.

"George, what is this? I'm not alone in this, am I?"

George's eyes snapped up and studied Fred's face. It was so open and vulnerable. He flushed, his fingers numbed and his palms felt sweaty. He had no words. He wanted to answer Fred but he'd lost the ability to speak. The pounding of his heart was so loud he was sure he wouldn't be heard anyway.

His eyes lighted on the wine reddened lips before him and felt himself being drawn in. Half way there and he was lost. His brain shut off and all he could do was feel. Soft lips. His brother's soft lips – lips that quickly parted and invited him in. He moaned to feel the tongue that emerged from between those lips and pushed in between his and explored his mouth. He caught that probing tongue and sucked on it. He felt Fred groan and then there was a hand clutched in his hair that pulled him fiercely closer.

George wrapped his left arm around Fred's waist. Their bodies now flush, he could feel Fred's arousal against his own. George leant forward and bent Fred back over the countertop. George felt something heavy pound onto his back. He took a moment to realize it was the wine bottle that was still clenched in Fred's hand.

The kiss went on and on. Fred's delicious mouth teased and taunted him, nipping and sucking. George wanted more. His body tingled all over. He needed to feel Fred under him.


"Ah! There's the wine."

George leapt back, jarred from the rapturous kiss.


"Pardon my interruption, gentlemen, but Potter and I couldn't help but wonder if we ought to leave you alone?"

The abashed twins stammered.

"S – Snape, sir."

"Severus," Snape offered. He popped his head out of the kitchen and called, "Harry, would you join us, please?"

Snape turned his attention back to Fred and George who were busily sorting themselves out.

"Well, gentlemen, do we?"

"Do we what?" Harry entered.

"I was just asking these two if we must leave them alone or stay and join them." Snape raised his left arm, a gesture Harry obviously recognised.

"OH," Harry replied while he nestled under Snape's arm and wrapped his arms about Snape casually.

"Join us?!" Fred and George exclaimed.

"What an excellent idea. Here, allow me." Snape moved forward and took the bottle of wine from Fred. A wave of his wand and the bottle uncorked. "We'll not let this wine go to waste. Fred?"

Snape raised the bottle to Fred's lips.

"Share with your brother." Snape poured the wine into Fred's mouth. "Go on."

With his eyes still on Snape, Fred turned to George and brought their mouths together. The twins kissed and shared the wine.

"Very good." Snape handed the bottle to his lover. "Your turn, Harry."

Harry, knowing better than to say anything, took some wine into his mouth.

"Whom would like to share with Harry?"

The three young men looked at Snape with saucer-wide eyes.

"Come now, don't be shy."

No one moved.

"Harry, pick a twin."

Harry stood in front of Fred. He put his hands on the sides of Fred's face and tilted their heads together. Harry and Fred shared the wine and soon deepened their kiss. It went on as Snape and George watched.

"Wouldn't you like to join them?"

Not needing any more encouragement, George sidled up to Fred and Harry and dipped his head to meet his lips with theirs. Soon the three young men were thoroughly involved with one another kissing and licking and fondling.

Snape slowly circled the trio, taking in the view from every angle, his hand lazily brushing against the bulge at his groin. He swilled the wine as he watched, becoming engrossed in the lovely lithe drunk youths before him. He decided it was now his turn.

"Gentlemen. I think it is time we move this encounter to the bedroom."


Fred and George shared a long look. George spoke, "Sounds good. But let us prepare the bedroom first. Give us a few, okay?"

The twins sped to their bedroom and shut the door.

"Are we really doing this? You and me, I mean?"

"Fred, it's all I've thought about for weeks."

"Really? Weeks?"

"Yeah. You didn't?"

"'Course I did, I just didn't know you felt the same. Then all this romance stuff with Snape 'n Harry and well, I was getting a bit antsy, know what I mean?"

"I do," George smiled at his brother and quirked an eyebrow. "Snape and Harry... You wanna have a go?"

"Hell yes! But after, you're mine."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

George embraced his Fred and kissed him with unbridled passion. When they finally pulled apart, they were panting.

"You ready for this?" George said with his forehead pressed to his brother's.

Fred giggled. "I can't believe this is really happening, but yeah, I'm ready."

"Too right. I'll go get them. You transfigure the bed, yeah?"


Fred bestowed that smile upon George again. George soaked it in knowing that his ache, this time, would be soothed.


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