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Written for the One Big Happy Weasley Family Weasleycest Ficathon

Recipient: [ profile] istalksnape
Title: Share and Share Alike
Author: [personal profile] f13tch3r
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Ron/Fred/George
Warnings: incest, slash, foursome, rimming, anal beads
Summary: Harry and Ron learn about sex and the depths of brotherly love.
Author's Note: Enormous thanks go to my Beta, [ profile] zebraspots05, who worked lickety split to get this finished. As well as my Britpicker, [ profile] misstemperance. These two angels worked fast because I was so slow. They have my undying gratitude.

Fred clutched at his brother’s thighs. This was forbidden. This was wrong. This. Was. Heaven. George’s rhythmic thrusts were quickly being abandoned for heated pounding.

“Yeah more, George. More.”

Why hadn’t they done this sooner? They could’ve been shagging since who knows when? Wanking would never be the same.

“Where’d you go, mate?”

Fred’s mind was jolted back to the present and to the task at hand. “I was just remembering our first time.”

“Daw, getting nostalgic for our eager beginnings, eh?” George said as he raised his head from between his twin’s thighs. “Or can’t I keep you as involved as I could back then?”

George stretched his firm body along Fred’s and began nuzzling just below his ear in that spot that always made Fred melt.

“You know that’s not it.” Fred squirmed.

“What then?” George nibbled.

Fred writhed and giggled. “I always think about the first time.”

George paused from licking and sucking only long enough to say, “You do?”

“Every time we’re together like this.”

“Really?” George lifted his head and looked his brother in the face. “Why?”

Fred’s stomach suddenly did a flip. As he looked into George’s piercing gaze, it struck him that they’d never talked about it. After discovering the summer before their fifth year at Hogwarts that they mutually enjoyed sex with one another, it had just become an extension of their play. A bit of banter, and then a frolic when they were all alone. Sure, they had made inside jokes and even flirted with each other, but they’d never talked. Not about feelings, anyway.

Everything was great as far as Fred was concerned, but he knew he had feelings for George and this was just right somehow.

They took so much for granted. Though they liked to perpetuate the common assumption that they could wordlessly communicate, they couldn’t. Not really. It’s true Fred always knew when George was hungry or sleepy or randy and ready for a tumble. And yes, it’s true that they often spontaneously came up with a prank or idea together, but this wasn’t that, was it? What if he was taking this for granted too? What if this wasn’t mutual? Fred was terrified that this was something George didn’t feel. He didn’t know if he was ready for that kind of pain. He knew he wasn’t ready to live with something alone. It would be agony to harbour a love his brother didn’t share.

He was suddenly filled with dread, which was something he’d never felt with George. The words wouldn’t come. George’s eyes steadily watched Fred’s face. Fred felt his body flush and become hot all over. Should he tell him? What if his brother laughed in his face? Fred knew he couldn’t bear it should that happen. But could he keep it from him?

“I... I.” Fred’s mouth was bone dry. He coughed and cleared his throat. “I think of our first time because I like to remember how it felt when we were finally together.”

“Nothing quite like the first time, yeah? The thrill gone for you, mate?”

“No! That’s not what I meant. I mean I remember it like a wave of something. It was like an epiphany, you know? Suddenly things were right.” Fred paused to study George’s face to gauge if he was ready to burst into fits of uproarious laughter or ridicule. It hadn’t changed, so he continued. “And ever since, our lovema… erm, the sex has gotten better. I mean… as great as the first time was, this is even better still. You know?”

Silence choked all of the oxygen out of the air. Fred was sure he must have ruined everything. George simply stared at his brother, looking from one eye to the other.

“You think things have gotten better?”

Fred gulped loudly. “I do,” he said and then waited for the axe to fall.

“Me too. I thought it was just me, but I guess not.”


“Yeah. I, uh, I really like us. I mean this us. The lovers us. The love you us, Freddie.”

When Fred heard the words, he couldn’t help throwing his arms around George’s neck and kiss him. He felt like such a girl, but he couldn’t help it. He really couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to.

He felt George’s body shaking with laughter as he was being smothered with kisses.

Laughing, George grabbed Fred in a tight embrace, pinning Fred’s arms between them. George rolled them so he was on top and pressed his forehead to Fred’s.

“You’re it, you know that? You’re my love you.”

Fred couldn’t breathe. But if asked, he couldn’t say if it were because of the tight clinch George had him in or because he’d forgotten how.

“You’re my love you, too, Georgie. For so long it’s been you.”

George’s grin grew to a wide smile. “I wanna make love to you, Freddie. Will you let me?”

Fred nodded. His eyes never left those of his brother. “I gotta breathe now, George. Will you let me?”

“Oi, what a way to change the mood!” George slid off to the side of Fred.

“Unless you plan to introduce a new kink to our relationship, I think my turning blue and dying would’ve been a bigger mood buster. Now kiss me, I can breathe again.” Fred launched himself at George’s mouth. George held up an arm, keeping Fred at bay.

“I want to do this right. I said I would make love to you. I want to do this slowly. Lay back.”

Fred, a little disappointed at not being able to pounce on his brother, lay back on the bed and watched, as George, kneeling tall on the bed, faced him as he stroked himself to full hardness. Okay so maybe he was a bit less disappointed now.

“Do you like watching me touch myself, Freddie?”

Fred nodded.

“I like showing you what’s yours.” George’s fingers lightly trailed up and down his shaft. “Now that you’re my love you, I want to show you what you own. It’s all for you, Freddie.”

While watching his brother, Fred’s cock, which had wilted from his earlier apprehension, twitched and came back to life at the sight of George’s palepink body and his gorgeous reddened dick being played with so sweetly.

George moved to be on all fours and scaled Fred’s body, dropping hungry kisses along the way. A kiss on each thigh, kisses along Fred’s flat stomach, a nip to each nipple, and soon Fred was falling back into the memory of their first time. They are perfect together, this is right. He loved those feelings and how they washed over him when lost in the memory. Fred opened his eyes to see George watching his face as he stretched out over him.

“Lost in a memory again?”

Fred blushed and said, “Let’s make a new one about how right this love you is.”

George answered by taking Fred’s mouth in a passionate kiss. Freed from having to hide his feelings, Fred moaned deeply into his lover’s mouth. He thrust his hand in George’s hair and held him steady while he plundered George’s mouth. He wanted to be deeper - to get closer. He needed it. He hated that they couldn’t somehow melt together, one into the other. They couldn’t get close enough.

George ran his hands along Fred’s body. Finding a nipple, he tweaked it, causing his other to gasp. George took the opportunity to pull away. He smiled down at Fred. “Easy, little brother. I want to do this nice and slow. I want to drive you mad with desire.”

“You already are!”

George hopped back on top of Fred and began rubbing his body against him. “Feel me. You feel how hot my skin is?”

Fred nodded. He was delighting in the hot smoothness of his brother’s body moving against his. He made to wrap his arms around the body on top of him but was stopped from doing so.

“Not yet, Freddie. I’m still in charge here. I’m doing to you.”

Fred groaned. “It’s like torture not touching you.”

George smirked and kissed his brother’s pout away.

“Here.” George moved off of Fred. “Lay on your side facing me. You’ll like this. We can kiss a bit.” George smiled shyly. “I like the way you put your hands in my hair when we do.”

Fred rolled to his side and eagerly reached for his brother. Their mouths melded and their tongues sought each other out.

George pressed his body close and brought their cocks together. He wrapped his fingers around the both of them and gently, ever so tenderly, began a slow stroke.

Fred moaned. George’s mouth was so wicked. He always knew how to tease Fred just so. The way he nibbled on Fred’s lip, it always made Fred want to devour him. And when George wrapped his hand around their erections, Fred was assaulted by his brother’s tongue. How Fred loved that mouth!

George’s ministrations were slow and leisurely. Fred was getting antsy.

“Oh George, I want more. Please more.”

“Fall with me Freddie. Let’s fall together. Forever.”

Fred’s heart skipped a beat. He looked into his brother’s eyes. “Yeah? You mean it?”

“Why fight what already is?”

Fred’s heart swelled and he threw his arms around his brother. “I want you so badly. Fuck me George. I wanna be on top, riding you.” Fred threw a leg over and straddled his beaming brother.

There was a familiar thump, thump from beyond their room. “You guys up for a game of Qui - HOLY FUCK!”

“Shit! Ron…”

“What the bloody hell is going on?!”

“C’mon, Ron. Let’s go outside. Sorry guys. Ron, let’s go now.”

Harry shoved Ron away from the open doorway.

The twins were frozen on the bed. They stared at the now closed door.

“Bloody hell.”


Harry was trying to keep Ron calm as he manoeuvred them out of the Burrow to the field beyond the house.

“What the fuck was that, Harry?” Ron was livid.

Harry was at a loss for words.

“Were you watching them?” Ron glared at him accusingly.

“Watching what, exactly? What did you see, Ron?”

“Don’t play innocent with me, mate. I saw you standing in their doorway for a long time. I got tired of waiting for you to call them for Quidditch.”

Harry couldn’t speak. What could he say? He didn’t know why he stood there and watched. He couldn’t say why what he saw had him mesmerised. He didn’t want to say that he liked what he saw.

“I saw them, Harry. They were… ” Ron grimaced. “It’s disgusting is what it is! How could you watch that?!”

Harry regarded Ron’s face tinged with red and he got a notion.

“Did you know about them, Ron?”

Ron remained silent.

“Had you seen them together before?”

“They really need to be more careful, the prats! I’m sorry, Harry. You should’nt’ve had to see that.”

“S’okay Ron. I’m alright.”

“Still though.” Ron paused. “You don’t think badly of us? About my family?”

“Not in the least, mate.” Harry reassuringly put an arm around Ron’s shoulders. “Does everyone know?”

“No. I don’t think so. Not unless everyone else spied them too.”

Harry chuckled. “Wouldn’t it be funny if everyone knew but no one said a thing?”

“It’d make things a whole lot easier.”

Harry and Ron spun around to see Fred and George cresting the hill to the field beyond the Burrow, broomsticks in hand.

“What’re you two doing here?” Ron groused.

“We thought you wanted to play Quidditch,” replied Fred and George.

“What? Finished already? That can’t be very satisfying.”

“What would you know about it, little brother?” George gibed.

Ron set himself to pounce, but Harry quickly got between him and the twins.

“I think before we play, maybe we need to talk?” Looking from brother to brother to brother, he saw stone sure faces. “Yes? Talk?”

“Fine,” the twins said.

“So talk,” spat Ron. “Tell us about why you’d do such a thing and embarrass the whole family in front of a guest,” Ron accused. He stood tall, his arms akimbo.

“Cor, Ron! What’re you thinking? You think we were putting on a show or something?” asked Fred.

“Yeah, we didn’t even know anyone was there until we heard you screaming saintly fucks,” continued George. “Then we see you and Harry standing in the doorway to our room.”

“I think we might’ve heard a knock if you’d bothered to have done,” finished Fred.

“Sorry guys. That was my fault.” Harry took responsibility, sheepishly. “I didn’t expect…”

“S’alright Harry. You didn’t go on screaming, did you? It’s just this one over here,” Fred gestured toward Ron, “couldn’t keep his mouth shut.” The twins glared at Ron, appearing every bit the imposing Beaters that they were.

Ron was glowering at the ground, the sky, anywhere but his brothers or Harry. Harry could tell Ron was fuming but there was something else there too. Something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

“Why did you have to go and do that while Harry is here?”

“Harry’s being here never stopped us before,” replied George.

Ron groaned.

George turned to Harry. “Sorry you had to see that, Harry. Guess you must be a little appalled by us now.” The twins actually looked nervous.

“Oh no! Not at all,” Harry quickly reassured them.

“You’re okay with us together like that?”

“It’s none of my business, is it?” Harry glanced at Ron, who was still looking anywhere but at them. “I’m just sorry I interrupted you. I should have knocked.”

The matching visages beamed at Harry. “No worries about interrupting us, Harry,” said Fred.

“So long as you join us,” added George. They both winked.

Harry instantly turned a deep shade of red. They all heard a loud groan and turned their attention to Ron.

“Are we going to play Quidditch, or what?” Ron asked impatiently. The other three looked at each other, looked back at Ron, and set out to play what ended up being a very rough match of Quidditch.

“That was one helluva match today,” Fred said as he lowered his head into George’s cleft and began his oral exploration.

“Umm, sure was. Never seen Ron play so rough before. You think he’s mad at us?”

Fred dragged his tongue down across the sensitive pucker. He laved it and then flexed his tongue to swirl and stab at George’s hole. Fred pulled away briefly to reply, “I don’t care. Right now, all I want is to finish what we started earlier before being so rudely interrupted.” Fred dropped his mouth right back onto the arsehole before him.

“I seem to remember something about you wanting to ride me. Ohh…,” George moaned. Fred had inserted a finger alongside his tongue.

“Yeah, wanna ride you.”

George turned his head to look over his shoulder at his brother. “Then why are you preparing me?”

When he looked up at George, Fred had the most lascivious look in his eye. George trembled. A shiver ran down his spine.

Fred freed his tongue from George’s grasp and pushed in his finger further. “You’ll see. Hand me the lube, would you?”

George reached over and grabbed the lube from the pillow next to him. Meanwhile, Fred took the flannel he’d placed beside them on the bed and unfolded it. There was something wrapped inside.

“Thank you, George,” Fred said as he took the lube from him. “Tuck your knees up under you.

George noticed Fred handling something in the flannel. “What’ve you got there, Freddie?”

The lascivious look was back. George’s cock throbbed.

“Remember the first time you gave me a pearl necklace?”

“Yeah.” It throbbed again.

“Well, this is a very different string of beads.” Fred was beaming as he brandished the new toy. He dangled five smooth beads on a string. At the end of the string was a large ring.

“Oh Fred. My Freddie,” breathed George.

Fred’s smile widened. “I thought you might like that.” He quickly got to lubricating the beads. George’s heart pounded in anticipation of the new experience.

“Ready, George?”

“So ready, Fred.”

George felt the pressure and a push of the first bead into his arse.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. Keep going.” Oddly, the idea of his brother putting something in him was really making him horny. George felt another bead and then another one enter him. He wiggled a little.

“Alright there, George?”

“Unh, yeah. Yeah.”

The beads gave a most curious sensation as they pressed and squeezed past his prostate.

“Yeah, I’m good. Put them all in.” George felt Fred kiss his left buttock.

“Okay. Here goes.” Fred continued to push the rest in.

Yes. This was definitely something George liked. Fred slipped one bead after another into his brother. Each one caused a frisson to spark through George as it rubbed past his sweet spot. He was full and it felt good.

George rolled over to find Fred beaming down at him.

“Are you ready, Fred, for my cock in your arse?”

Fred nodded enthusiastically and immediately flopped himself down on the bed beside his brother and rolled onto his back.

“I gotta be facing you, George, okay?”

“Anything you want. So long as I get to feel you hot and tight around me,” replied George as he stood on his knees and waited for Fred to settle in. Once settled, Fred lay there beaming up at his brother, his legs spread and inviting. George soaked in the sight of the most beautiful man he had ever seen, laid out like a scrumptious meal begging to be devoured. There was nothing sexier.

Fred had become flush with anticipation. George remembered when he noticed it their first time together. Fred turned bright red all over his chest, neck and shoulders and his skin became hot. He worried at first because Fred was burning up. George thought something might be wrong but it turned out that Fred was just really turned on. George now gauged his brother’s arousal by the flush of his skin. Fred was bright red. Gods! George couldn’t help getting hornier at the sight.

“Delicious,” slurred out of George’s mouth. “I’m going to eat you up.” He slathered his fingers with lube and rubbed them into Fred’s crease. While doing so, George lowered his mouth to blow on the ginger fur coating his brother’s balls. He watched the short hairs wave as Fred squirmed.

“That tickles!”

Grinning, George rubbed his finger against Fred’s pucker and lightly added more pressure while he nuzzled the ticklish balls.

“Mm, that’s nice.”

George smiled into the soft flesh as he pressed his finger into his brother’s arse and began to prepare him for another one. Happy with the ease of his finger’s probing, he pushed in a second. He decided to open his mouth and massage Fred’s balls. His tongue peeked out to lick them and pull them in his mouth. George smiled. He rather liked finger-fucking his brother while sucking on his balls.

George opened his eyes and raked them up the length of the erection before him. It leaked as if it was weeping from being ignored. George lifted his mouth and eagerly swallowed Fred’s cock down his throat while his fingers played in Fred’s arse, attacking the sweet spot there.

Fred moaned at the onslaught. George, further aroused, lowered himself to rut the bed as he clinched his arse, tightening around the beads inside.

“Need you inside me now, George.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. George wrapped his hand around the base of Fred’s cock and sucked hard at the length of the delicious prick as he retreated from it. “Yeah, now.” He coated his appetent dick with more lube while Fred hitched his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs to his chest. “Yeah, Freddie, now.”

“Go in hard, George.”

George was eager to obey. He thrust hard and felt the first few inches become buried in Fred. He leaned over his brother and placed his hands on either side of Fred’s head to brace himself and pressed the rest of the way in. His eyes never leaving Fred’s face, he pulled back and slammed in again. This time he was completely sheathed in one thrust.

Fred looked so beautiful. His hooded eyes gazed up at George. His jaw was slack and bobbed slightly from the force of each thrust. His hand pumped his prick. Fred’s eyes never left George’s face. Only George ever saw him that way. Gods! The thought of what they were, of what they had – it was too much. It felt too good. “Freddie? I’m gonna come now.”

Fred continued to pull at his prick and managed to reach around George with his other hand and grab hold of the ring at the end of the string of beads.

“Now, George?”


Fred tugged at the string and popped the beads out slowly, one by one.

“Oohhh Freeeed. Ah fuck, Freddie.” It was amazing. The frisson of electricity was overwhelming. The beads squeezed through the friction and tingle that had built up while they were in his arse. He came hard and the combination of sensations was mind blowing. George screamed his brother’s name. He barely noticed that Fred came shortly thereafter.

George lay spent, panting atop a spread-eagled Fred, who had one hand trapped between them, still wrapped around his cock. His other hand hung over the edge of the bed with the beads dangling from the ring that was still hooked on his finger.

Harry didn’t relish the idea of having a heart to heart talk with Ron. But he knew after what happened this afternoon, and the way he seemed to be out for blood during their Quidditch match, he probably ought to make the effort. He sighed and finished towelling off before putting on his housecoat.

Almost immediately upon opening the door to Ron’s bedroom, he found himself slamming it shut and shouting through the door. “Sorry, mate! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know… I mean… sorry!” His face felt hot. He groaned. If he was agonising the ‘heart to heart’ before, he now outright hated the notion. He briefly entertained the thought of just kipping downstairs on the sofa. Only when he heard a strained, ‘Come in!’ did Harry dare to open the door again.

“Sorry, Ron. I didn’t mean to –“

A very red-faced Ron cut him off. “No mate. I, uh, I’m sorry. I thought you’d take longer. Thought you’d have a wank in the shower.”

“I did do, didn’t I? I guess I thought you’d do the same.”

“I would have done but I can’t wank anywhere else but in my bed. I’ve tried, but it’s just not the same.”

Harry took pity on his stricken friend. “You didn’t even get to finish, did you? I’ll go downstairs for a bit, if you want. Just call me when you’re ready.”

“No. Don’t go. I’m alright. I’m just sorry you had to walk in on that.” Ron looked away.

Harry grasped the opportunity. “S’okay, Ron. It isn’t any more shocking than walking in on Fred and George, is it?”

Ron swung his body around, facing his back to Harry. “Why’d you have to bring that up?”

“Dunno. I thought maybe we should talk about it.”

Ron groaned and flopped face first onto his bed. He responded with a muffled, “Why?”

“It’s obviously bothering you.”

Ron responded with something a little lengthier than ‘why’ but the words were unintelligible.

“Didn’t quite catch that, Ron. Look at me.”

Ron waited a few beats and finally flipped over onto his back. “I said, whatever gave you that idea?”

Harry smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. “Just a hunch really. Do you want to talk about it?”


Harry sighed. “Right. I guess I shouldn’t have put it that way. I ought to have said, I think we need to talk about it.”

“Harry, please. We really don’t need to do this.”

“Actually, Ron, I think we do.” Harry turned on the bed, lifted his legs onto it and folded them under him. “I saw the way you were today. This shouldn’t go ignored.”

Ron sat up and faced Harry and propped himself on his arms. “I’m sorry, Harry. I wish you hadn’t seen that! I can’t believe they… I never meant for you to see.”

Harry opened his mouth, a little astonished at the realisation that came upon him. “You knew, didn’t you? How long have you known?”

“What?! No! It’s sick, Harry. I didn’t…”

Harry cut in. “It’s alright, Ron. Really! I was just wondering, is all.”

Ron appeared to relax and several silent moments passed between them. Harry decided to lie back on the bed and get comfortable. He got the feeling this discussion was far from over. He crossed his arms behind his head, stared up at the sloped ceiling and waited. Before too long he felt the bed dip next to him and he felt Ron shift to lie next to him.

“A couple of years.”

This admission really shocked Harry. “A couple of years! When were you planning to tell me?”


“What? I’m your best mate. Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

“Beg your pardon but telling people your brothers shag each other isn’t exactly something you go ‘round doing.”

“But I’m not people, am I? I thought I was family.”

“S’not something you tell family either! Stop being sore for a second and think about it. Do you have a sudden urge to tell Ginny? Or mum? Or dad?”

“S’pose not. Sorry, Ron.”

“It’s okay, Harry. I don’t like keeping things from you. But this… this is really shameful, innit?”

Harry felt badly for his friend who was obviously very upset. “Ron? I don’t think it’s shameful.”

“You’re just saying that. You don’t have to do that.”

Harry rolled so he was on his side facing Ron. “I’m not. I’m saying it because I mean it.”

Ron made a face and turned in the bed so that he mirrored Harry. Ron peered at his friend. Was he looking for something to indicate Harry was lying? If so, Harry didn’t give him a chance.

“It’s true! Ron, what I saw today was, well, beautiful.”

Ron groaned and made to turn away. Harry held out his arm to keep Ron put. He continued, “I’ve never seen anything like it. They were perfect. Their eyes were locked on each other and their faces so contented. They were so into what they were feeling. They moved together and it was graceful. I wished I could watch them all day." Harry absently gazed at Ron as he spoke. "I wished I could touch their hair," his hand reached out to Ron’s mop fringe and lightly brushed at it with his fingertips, "and it hurt me to think that I won’t get to see that ag-"

Harry was not allowed to finish his sentence because his mouth was suddenly captured by Ron’s. He pulled back in surprise but Ron’s mouth followed him. Before he realised it, he leaned in to the kiss and savoured the feel of Ron’s red lips on his own. They were soft and full so he decided to nibble. Ron made a small noise and pulled away and looked at Harry. He appeared astonished and a little embarrassed.

“There something you want to tell me, mate?”

Ron’s cheeks coloured with a fiery blush.

“You’re alright with my brothers; the way you talked about them. You liked that?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“I thought I was weird, you know, for liking what I saw two years ago. I was afraid you’d hate me.”

“You’re not weird. Fred and George are hot like that! All muscles and ginger hair, they’ve got freckles on their arses!”

Ron laughed. “I think we all do.”

Harry suddenly knew exactly what he wanted. “Is that so?” Harry grinned. Ron blushed again. “I must find out for sure!” Harry flew at Ron’s trousers and scrambled to unfasten them. He quickly had them open and was tugging on them. Ron grabbed his trousers and slapped at Harry’s hands.

“Hey! Geroff! What are you doing?” Ron protested but he couldn’t keep the laughter out of his voice.

“I must know if you have a freckled arse!”

Ron was laughing as he weakly fought Harry’s attack.

Harry had a fit of giggles. His thoughts were only of getting Ron’s pants off. Once the trousers were loosened, Harry hooked his fingers into Ron’s Chudley Cannons shorts and dragged them and the trousers down. He got them as far as Ron’s knees before he could no longer drag them down. Ron’s squirming made it difficult, but it was enough. Harry paused simply to look at what he’d done. Right in front of him stood Ron’s erection. Harry hadn’t expected to find a hard-on when he pulled off Ron’s pants. Though now that he thought on it, had the tables been turned, he was fairly sure that he would have had one too.

The penis, funnily enough, was shaped much like Ron, long and skinny – and red. The bollocks below it were covered in fine hair that made Harry want to –

“Hey Harry… you shouldna. Sorry – I…”

Harry looked up at Ron’s face. It was tomato red. Harry put up a staying hand.

“S’okay Ron. Now roll over so I can check out the freckles on your arse.”

Ron blinked at him.

“I’m serious, Ron.”

Ron slowly rolled over onto his stomach. Yep. There were freckles everywhere. Harry chuckled.

“What? What do you find so funny?” Ron propped himself up to peer over his shoulder.

“Nothing, mate. Just never seen so many freckles before.”

“What do you mean? Haven’t you seen me in the shower at school?”

“Can’t say I’ve ever looked before. Why? You been checking me out?”

Ron said nothing but turned away and put his face down on the bed and covered his head with his arms. Harry glanced a look at Ron’s arse and sure enough, it had turned red. Harry barely contained his laughter.

Figuring that since Ron had obviously been checking him out, it was only fair that Harry take this opportunity to further examine Ron. Harry moved to get a closer look at the reddened arse. It was quite fit. Harry liked the way it looked. Firm and round. Not as full as those of the twins but it really worked well for Ron’s body.

As he followed a trail of freckles down the smooth arse, Harry saw the soft sac peeking out from under Ron. It looked so soft, so inviting, so needing to be mouthed. Without thinking, Harry pushed Ron’s legs apart further and dove between them to capture the bit of bollocks in his mouth.

Ron yelped. “W-what are you doing?”

“Don’t move,” was all Harry said.

Ron froze in place and Harry continued to feast. He licked at the balls and sucked the soft flesh into his mouth. He lapped at it and soon lapped further up Ron’s body, along the perineum to the crevice of his arse. He couldn’t stop. He didn’t know why. He kissed and worshipped those freckles until, catching his breath, he lifted his head and commanded, “Roll over.” Ron immediately flipped over. “And take off your shirt.”

The shirt was off and thrown to the floor in an instant. Ron, his best mate, was naked and panting before him. Harry could hear his own heart pounding in his head. He’d never felt this before. There was an amazing pressure behind his eyes. Harry saw that Ron’s eyes were heavy lidded. Is that what he looked like too, he wondered.

When Ron spoke, it was barely above a whisper. “Show me what you saw. What they did.”

A flare of heat burst in the pit of Harry’s stomach. He made quick work of removing his clothing and once naked, he pounced on Ron and demonstrated everything he’d seen earlier.

The next morning they were greeted loudly by Fred and George.



“For just getting out of bed, you two look positively,”

“Shagged out!”

Ron froze in place near the bottom of the stairs and his ears turned bright red. Seeing this, the twins shared a disbelieving look and howled with laughter. Harry groaned. Mustering his courage and what little dignity he could, he ran his hand through his hair and ploughed on.

“You sods leave any juice for us?”

“Nope. All gone.”

“No tea either,” added George.

“There might be some coffee to be found, if you want to make it,” Fred said mirthfully.

Too mirthfully, Harry thought. Harry continued on to the kitchen. Ron shyly ambled along behind him.

The twins bounded into the kitchen after them. Harry looked for something to eat while Ron sulked at the table.

“Not much to eat, mate,” Harry said to Ron.

“I think there’s a bit of bread for toast and if you look hard enough you might find some beans,” offered George.

“But I wouldn’t bet on it.” Fred grinned.

“Is there anything you didn’t eat?” asked Harry.

“Nope!” the twins said in unison.


At the first word uttered by Ron since coming downstairs, Fred and George pounced.

“He speaks!”

“Good thing. I was beginning to worry he’d injured his tongue.”

Ron stuck his tongue out at his brothers.

“Oo that’s very nice, Ron, but you’ll have to work a bit more on your technique.”

Ron instantly retracted his tongue and his ears turned red again.

Seeing his friend in need, Harry interjected, “Where are your Mum and Ginny?”

This proved good enough to draw the twins’ attention to Harry as he prepared the beans on toast.


“We’re out of food, don’t you know?”

“And Ginny needs new robes. She gets all her robes new, the lucky twat.”

“They’ll be gone all day, I expect,” added Fred.

“When did they leave?”

“Not so long ago. Though you’d have known that if you’d been down here instead of up there, doing who knows what.”

“Each other is my bet,” snarked George.

Harry couldn’t keep the heat from rising in his face. Truth was, they awoke that morning with their arms draped around each other. When his eyes fluttered open, Harry saw that he was looking at Ron’s sleeping face. He took a moment to study his best friend’s features. Ron’s long eyelashes lay peacefully on his freckled cheeks. They were so terribly fetching. Harry followed them down Ron’s nose and let his gaze fall upon the full red lips. Harry noted that Ron’s upper lip was quite full and luscious. He smiled at the downy-soft fuzz above the lovely lip.

His thoughts wandered to the previous night’s events when Ron had been open to him. He’d never seen another person so vulnerable before. It was intoxicating and he remembered what that mouth felt like on his. Unable to resist, he was pulled to Ron’s mouth and kissed the unbelievably soft lips.

Harry pulled away from the brief kiss and watched as Ron’s face changed. The tranquil features bloomed a smile and a shy blush.

“Morning,” Ron said sleepily.

“Good morning,” replied Harry as he slipped his hand beneath the sheet.

“Oh!” Ron smiled brightly at Harry. “Very good.”

Harry slowly returned the smile when Ron decided to seek out Harry’s own morning erection. They faced one another as they brought each other to climax.

The heat in his face was fierce so Harry was thankful that the beans were ready. He dropped his head and got to the business of plating the meal.

“You two are awfully quiet this morning,” observed Fred.

“I’m beginning to think our little theory might be right. Pouring beans on toast is not that interesting!”

“True. Note the focus our dear Harry is giving the task.”

George nodded his head analytically.

“Indeed, Fred. I see what you mean.”

“If you two’d care to be useful, you could get us some forks and knives,” Harry pointed out.

“Love to.” Fred waved his wand, causing the appropriate flatware to leap out of their usual place and onto the table along with napkins.

Harry brought the plates of beans on toast to the table and placed one in front of Ron. Ron managed to squeak a brief, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, mate,” smiled Harry.

“Tuck in, boys. Fucking takes a lot of energy!”

“Yep, you’ll need your strength,” quipped Fred.

Harry chose to ignore the twins’ teasing but Ron, apparently, did not. “We weren’t fucking!”

“What? No penetration? What’s that thing Dad’s always saying, George?”

“A thing’s hardly worth doing if it isn’t done properly,” offered George.

“Right, that’s it. Ron, we thought you were raised better than to do something half-arsed, or no arsed, as the case may be,” said Fred.

“It’s not very hospitable to our guest for you to leave a job undone.”

Ron looked like he was ready for the earth to swallow him up.

“Don’t worry, Harry, we’ll take care of you.” Fred winked. “Won’t we, George?”

“Absolutely. It’ll be our pleasure.”

“Too true, my dear George. Too true.”

Harry was gobsmacked. He had no idea what to do or say next. His half eaten breakfast was quickly forgotten due to thoughts of being taken in hand – and mouth – by the firm bodies he’d seen the day before. His recently spent cock stirred in his lap.

“You what?! No! You’ll do no such thing,” shouted Ron.

Harry couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed at his friend’s reaction, but he supposed that reaction was normal.

“He’s my friend. I should be – you can’t just… he’s my friend.”

“We know that, Ron. Duh!” Fred intoned.

“He’s our friend too, Ron, and – wait. Wait a minute.” A large grin broke out across George’s face. “Fred, Ron’s not upset that we want to molest Harry, he’s upset because he’s afraid he’ll be left out.”

The same grin spread out across Fred’s face. “Is that so? Ron? You afraid of being left out?”

“Well I, for one, am a bit hurt, little brother. Hurt at the implication that we wouldn’t take care of you,” George sniffed melodramatically.

Ron bolted up out of his chair. “You would?!”

Slapping a hand on Ron’s back, Fred replied, “Course, Ron. What’s that other thing Dad’s always saying, George?”

“Share and share alike.”

“Yeah, that. It’s all part of expressing our brotherly love. Right, Georgie?”

“Sure. Why not?”

Ron looked from one to the other. “You’re both nutters.”

“What d’you think he’s trying to say, George?”

“Don’t really care, Fred. I think there’s too much talking going on. I’m hard and I want to fuck.” Upon saying this, George departed the kitchen.

Fred smiled broadly. “Well there you have it, mates. It’s time for fucking. Shall we begin the lesson?” Fred moved to the kitchen doorway.

“What? Now?” Harry managed to say.

“Like George, I’m hard. Aren’t you?”

He was.

“Come or don’t. I plan to.” Fred made to exit when Ron stopped him.

“Wait! How’d you guess? About us, I mean?”

Fred turned around to face Ron and crossed his arms in front of him. “Lesson number one: post coitus – always look each other over and remove any tell tale marks.”

Fred turned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Ron and Harry looking each other over.

“What’s he going on about? I don’t see anything,” said Ron.

A mildly chagrined Harry responded, “Sorry, Ron. I see what he’s talking about. I left a mark on your neck. If you hold still, I’ll remove it for you.”

“There’s no point now, is there?”

“Why not?”

“We’ll just get it later… afterwards.” Ron gave Harry his sweetly shy smile.

Harry beamed at him.

“Finally! It took you two long enough to get your arses out here.” Fred had begun to worry that Harry and Ron weren’t going to take them up on their offer.

“Sorry,” offered Harry.

“Don’t apologise, Harry. Just get your kit off,” commanded George.

Ron looked surprised. “What? Here in the living room?”

“What’s wrong with the living room?” asked Fred.

“Nothing. I guess, I just thought this sort of thing happens in a bedroom.”

“This sort of thing happens in any room,” said George.

“I just don’t know if I can… I mean, I usually have trouble.”

“Ron can’t wank anywhere but in bed,” Harry explained.

Fred harrumphed. “And you call us nutters.”

George took charge. “Don’t be silly, Ron.” His hands flew to Ron’s trouser placket. In no time, George had the trousers open and Ron’s penis out. “You don’t need a bed for this.” George dropped to his knees and took his brother’s prick into his mouth.

“Oh, George! You – You’re really doing it! Oh, gods.” Ron looked down at George in disbelief.

Harry was watching, seemingly entranced by what Ron was doing with his hands in George’s hair. Fred admired Harry a little while.

“Your jeans are looking a bit tight there, Harry.”

Harry looked up at Fred and smiled sweetly. “They are.”

“Let’s see what I can do to help you out.” Fred knelt before Harry and unclasped his jeans. “Take your shirt off, Harry. When I look up, I want to see that flat, Seeker’s stomach of yours.”

Harry raised the T-shirt up, over his head and off. Fred, meanwhile, decided to untie Harry’s trainers.

“Take ‘em off.”

Harry toe’d off his trainers and stood in his socks and jeans. Fred looked up Harry’s sleek torso and smiled. His hands gripped the jeans and pants and pulled them down to Harry’s feet. He kept his eyes locked on Harry’s and somehow Harry knew to lift one leg and then the other so Fred could slip the clothes off of him.

Harry was naked, hard, and irresistible. Fred ran his hands up Harry’s flank, up to the dark-haired beauty’s nipples. He rubbed the nubs, making them harden and Harry gasp. While tweaking the nipples, Fred’s mouth sought out Harry’s cock. When he felt the spongy tip against his lips, Fred slipped his tongue out and licked it. He brought a hand down to grab hold of the turgid shaft so he could mouth it and lick it up and down.

Fred felt a tentative pair of hands come down onto his head. They ran through his hair as he laved Harry’s delicious prick. Fred took the entire cock into his mouth and looked up the smoothsoft pale torso at Harry’s face. He was looking down at Fred with wonder in his eyes. Harry looked over at George and then up at Ron, who was standing next to him. Ron looked over at Harry and leaned forward. Harry lifted his hand and clasped the back of Ron’s head and brought their mouths together.

Oh fuck, that’s hot! Fred nudged George and motioned him to look up. He did and moaned around his brother’s cock at the sight.

Unable to resist, Fred pulled his brother’s mouth off of Ron’s prick and pulled it to him for a deep, desperate kiss. How he loved this mouth and its wicked ways!

“Take your clothes off, Ron,” Harry hissed.

George broke his kiss with Fred to say, “Brilliant idea, Harry!” George stood and held a hand out his twin. “Freddie?”

Once standing, the twins also took off their clothing. And there they all four stood, nude, with their cocks jutting out at each other. Fred couldn’t help thinking that he’d be hard pressed to decide which of them he wanted most at that moment.

George took charge again. “Alright you two, on the floor. You’re going to taste each other. Lie on your side facing one another, with your heads on opposite ends.”

“Oh, I’ve heard about this,” Ron said excitedly. He eagerly got on the floor and motioned Harry to join him. “C’mere Harry, I get to suck you now.”

Harry gaped at the twins. “Sixty-nine?”

Fred smirked at him. “Yup. Now get on the floor and get started.”

Fred watched intently as Harry positioned himself in front of Ron and took his best friend in his mouth. Fred soaked up the sight of his baby brother’s mouth stretching around Harry’s thick cock, his lips spreading to accommodate it. Ron bobbed his head along the length and Fred was struck at how beautiful he looked. What is it he was feeling? Is it pride? Could it be that he was proud of ickle Ronnie at that moment? Heh, Ronnie. He hated being called that. He’d best remember not to utter it mid-coitus.

George issued more instructions. “You two are looking good. Why don’t you try some of the things we did to you that you liked best? Very good, Harry. Very good.”

Harry had begun to cradle Ron’s balls and hum around the head of his dick.

“George, do you think we should prepare them now?”

George beamed his gorgeous smile at Fred. “Absolutely, my love you.”

When he heard George say those words, his heart soared. Fred didn’t think he’d ever tire of hearing them. Fred pulled George flush against him and dragged his hands through his hair.

“You know I love it when you do that.”

“Yeah, I do.” Fred captured his brother’s mouth, doing all he could to devour as much of him as was possible.

When they parted, breathless, George said, “If we were alone, I’d bend you over the sofa right now.”

Fred grinned at his brother, secure in the knowledge that his feelings were returned. “Shall we return to our eager young apprentices?”

George ran his fingers down the side of Fred’s face. “I suppose so.”

With a sigh, they parted and settled themselves, Fred behind Harry, George behind Ron, and dove in.

Fred rubbed and planted kisses on the cheeks of Harry’s arse. He slid his fingers along Harry’s crease, which caused him to budge forward, and make Ron grunt, that then caused George to give Ron’s arse a solid smack.

Fred chuckled, “Careful, Harry. Let’s try this another way.” Fred spread Harry’s cheeks open and dipped his tongue onto the tiny pucker.

Harry grunted and again caused the ripple that ended in a loud slap. Fred decided to stop being timid and simply do what he wanted to do. He lustily licked and sucked at Harry’s tight entrance. He swirled his tongue around, coaxing the pucker to relax so he could put a finger in beside his tongue. After a few minutes and another finger, Fred felt Harry begin to shudder. The hole clamped down on his tongue and fingers.

“Oh gods, Ron, Fred… I’m coming. Fuck!”

George could be heard telling Ron, “Don’t stop sucking, Ron. Drink him down.”

Fred kept right on teasing the delicious ring of muscle throughout Harry’s climax.

Soon enough, Ron’s moans rang out. Fred pulled his tongue and fingers out of Harry’s arse and moved to lie behind him, right side up. He pressed himself against Harry, kissed the back of his neck and purred, “That’s right, Harry, swallow him up. You’re doing so good. So good.”

When he could feel Ron had begun to calm down, Fred turned Harry’s head to him and devoured his mouth. He thrust his tongue deep into Harry’s mouth, searching for the taste that was Ron. Harry turned his body and clutched Fred, kneading his arse. Fred had become intoxicated with the essence that was his little Ronnie in Harry’s mouth.

“Gods, Harry, you have a sinful tongue.”

The bright green eyes flashed at Fred.

“Oi, Fred! You ready to get on to the fucking?”

“So ready, George.”

“Good. Let me at Harry, now.”

Fred’s cock twitched. He was hoping they’d get to swap. Tasting Ron on Harry’s tongue made him hungry for more.

“Did you get Ron ready for me?”

“Our dear brother is open and wanting, Fred. I think you’ll like what you find.”

Gods! Fred didn’t think he could get harder than he already was, but now he was fit to burst.

“Get up, you two,” ordered George. “Kneel in front of the sofa and bend forward over the cushion.”

Ron and Harry swiftly assumed the position prescribed. They were so keen. They looked like a tasty buffet waiting to be sampled, laid out the way they were.

Fred moved behind Ron and soaked in the sight. Ron’s body was long and lean and his arse cheeks were rosy; presumably from being slapped by George.

“Here you go, Fred.”

He looked over to find George handing him the tube of lubricant.

“Oh yeah, thanks.” He took the tube and began applying the lube to Ron’s arse.

“Use loads. These are virgin arses,” reminded George.

Fred shivered. “Yeah, I will.” He added more lube to his shaft.

Fred ran his hand up Ron’s spine and back to the rise of his bottom.

“You ready, Ron?”

Ron nodded vigorously. “Yeah, Fred.”

“You tell me if you need me to stop, okay?”


Our little Ronnie. Fred lined up his cock and pressed forward.

“Breathe, Ron, and relax. Let me in.”

Ron’s pucker yielded. Fred slid in a bit. Oh Ronnie. Little Ronnie. Fred pushed further and another couple of inches became sheathed in Ron’s tight heat.

“You okay, Ron?”

“Mm hm,” Ron managed to grunt. “Don’t stop.”

“No, Ron. I won’t stop. Never stop.”

Fred pressed in further and soon he was flush against his brother, buried deep inside. He felt muscle shifting around him. He took a few moments to relish being inside Ron.

Fred looked beside them to see George leant over Harry’s back, murmuring into his neck softly and slowly thrusting in and out.

Ron clenched hard around him. “Hey! Don’t do that, you’ll break it off.” Fred slapped Ron’s arse.

“Well get moving then! The rest of the family eventually will return, you know.”

“I should have guessed you’d be a pushy bottom.”

“I’m impatient is what I am. Get fucking, already.”

“Fine.” Fred leant forward over Ron and at the same time, pulled almost all the way out of his arse. Fred bit Ron’s shoulder and slammed back in hard at the same time.

“How’s that, ickle Ronnikins?”

“Oh fuck, yeah! Don’t call me that.”

“I’ll call you whatever I like when I’m on top.”

Fred pulled out again and thrust in just as forcefully as before, causing Ron to howl.

“You’ll like whatever I call you when you’re being fucked hard by me, Ronnikins, or I’ll stop.”

“Fuck! Okay, call me whatever you want, just don’t stop, alright?”

“No Ronnie, never stop.”

Fred showered kisses all over Ron’s shoulders and neck.

“Your virgin arse is so tight, Ronnie. Bugger all how you can take it so rough.”

Fred raised his torso off of Ron’s and grabbed a firm hold of his hips. For the next few minutes, Fred was a thrusting machine. He was mindless in the fucking he gave Ron’s hungry arse. He soon felt his balls tightening.

“Are you hard, Ron?”


“Touch yourself. Come for me right now, Ronnie.”

Fred felt Ron adjusting and moving to get a hand between him and the sofa. Soon enough, Fred felt Ron’s body stiffen and shudder. Ron shouted Fred’s name over and over.

Fred couldn’t hold out any longer. The build up was too great and he spilt himself into his little brother, groaning as he came hard. Fred continued to thrust until his limp prick no longer allowed him to push into Ron. Fred was boneless and fell forward onto Ron.

“Wow! That was amazing, you two,” exclaimed Harry.

“Ron, you have one very hot arse,” Fred managed to say.

Fred pushed himself up off of Ron and looked over and saw that Harry and George were seated comfortably, George at Harry’s back, on the other end of the sofa, angled to watch them.

“Impressive, my love you. You were a fucking dynamo,” said George.

“Yeah well, little Ronnie here is a bit pushy. I had to show him what’s what.”

“You can’t call me that! We’re not fucking now.”

“Oh yeah, sorry, Ron.”

Harry and George laughed at the exchange. Just then, they heard the hands of the grandfather clock move. All eyes turned to read them. The hands inscribed with ‘Molly’ and ‘Ginny’ had shifted to ‘Traveling.’

“Mum and Ginny’ll be home soon,” said Fred.

“We’d better get moving,” finished George.

The four young men gathered their scattered clothes and made their way to the stairs. As they walked, Ron chimed, “Hey, you lot up for Quidditch?”

“I am!”

“Sounds good.”

“Prepare to get your arses beat!”

“Great! See you outside in a few minutes.”

They ambled the rest of he way upstairs, naked, holding their clothes to their chests and hurling taunts and insults to each other about their forthcoming Quidditch match.


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