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Title: She Reads Minds
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer:Not mine. Depicted herein are beloved characters created and owned by J.K. Rowling and all those who are legally attached to the Harry Potter franchise.
Summary: First kiss

He watched her, transfixed. She moved, no…glided through the room to the bookshelves. Her long, golden hair flowing behind her. She trailed her fingers across the book spines, reading each one.

He was getting their drinks, at least, he was supposed to be. He couldn’t tear his eyes from her. What was she doing here? His rooms rarely hosted guests and among those, even fewer were female.

She was so young. The candlelight played lightly across her skin making it translucent. He imagined it must be soft…so soft. Alabaster fine.

How could he think of sullying her with his sallow flesh? Yet it was all he could think of since she approached him last autumn at the Symposium on Restorative Potions held in Aix en Provence. She approached him and asked if he’d heard of the Fairy rebellion planned soon in Paris. Such a ludicrous notion and yet, he honestly didn’t recognise her at first. She was arresting in her beauty. She was not the awkward, radish earring-wearing bumpkin he remembered. (Later he learned she’d merely been running late for the day’s lectures and hadn’t time to put on said earrings.) It had been a long time since an attractive woman struck up a conversation with him. By the time she reminded him of who she was, he was mesmerised.

And now here she was. She said she’d visit and now she was here. What to do with her? He knew what he wanted to do, but how to get there?

She began thumbing through a book on elemental magic, something he’d had since he was a child. He tore his eyes away long enough to pour the elf-made wine. He grasped their goblets and went to her.

“Find anything new in there?”

“I picked it up because I wondered why a wizard such as you would have it?”

“It was one of the first books on magic my mother gave me.”

“Yes, I realised as much when I saw what was written in the margins. Cute, your observations, Professor.”

“Severus, please.” He handed her the wine.

She regarded him with an amused grin. “I like wine. I like elf-made wine, best. Did you know they only began to make it in an attempt to control their human masters?”

“I like it too.”

“My father says,” she began.

He cut her off. “Ms. Lovegood…”


“Luna,” he said, his voice low. “Do not mention your father tonight. Nor any other person, parental or otherwise.”

“I won’t,” her voice a bit breathy. “Did I ever tell you I could read minds?”


“I can, really. Sometimes better than others.” She put her goblet down. She squared herself before him. She took his goblet and drank.

He watched intently. Her pale, golden light was his antithesis. She was standing so close. Her lips, reddened by the wine, smiled at him. He stared. It was all he could do to keep from sweeping down on her.

“Would you like some wine, Severus?”

He nodded dumbly. The big brain was clearly not functioning properly tonight. She gave him a wide smile and took another drink from his goblet. This time, she leaned in. He stood, unmoving.

Now, on her toes, “Bring your lips closer Severus. This doesn’t work without you.” He blinked at her. “I told you I could read minds.”

“Sweet girl, if you could read my mind you’d, no doubt, have run from here long ago.”

She laughed and with her hand in his hair, bent his head to hers and brought their mouths together. He tasted the delicate flavours of the wine on her lips. When she opened her mouth and licked his lips, the stirring below was fierce. He, at first, was afraid to hold her close. Afraid she’d flee his body’s reaction. He opened his mouth to hers and let her in. Her tiny tongue in his mouth felt like the flutter of hummingbird’s wings, light and fleeting. His arms wrapped around her reflexively. He moaned and began to devour her. He trailed kisses down her neck and found the place where neck met shoulder. He sucked on the sensititive flesh. She squeaked at the attention. He rolled his hips, pressing the hardness there against her.

She gasped and pulled away, looking deep into Snape’s half-lidded gaze. “I told you I could read minds.”


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