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Folks, [ profile] mneomosyne painted a fabulous Valentine's Day Snarry. This fic was written to accompany it. Have a great Valentine's Day!
Title:HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Courage
Fic rating: PG-13/R?
Art rating: NC-17
Warning: Channish. Certainly, the art is channish, though [ profile] mneomosyne promises me Harry is sixteen.
Disclaimer: NOT MINE!!! I make no money whatsoever off my silly little stories about other people's creations.
A/N: Thanks to my fabulous betas [ profile] arielhime, [ profile] vibishan and my lovely Brit picker [ profile] misstemperance

“What do you want, Potter?” Upon opening the door, Snape glared down at Harry.

“You.” Snape looked as if he’d been slapped across the face.


Harry wandered the corridors deserted and depressed. This year, Ron finally got his act together and asked Hermione to join him alone in Hogsmeade on Valentine’s Day. Sure, he was happy for them. It’s not like he didn’t see it coming. He just hoped that maybe it wouldn’t happen until they were all out of Hogwarts. Then he wouldn’t be all by himself at school. If he were completely honest, he felt a bit envious as well. He was mad for someone and had never told anyone. He could never tell anyone, not even Hermione. Ron would go ape-shit on him and probably explode and Hermione would most likely lecture him about Rules and Penalties for improper Teacher-Student relationships. Harry groaned. It’s not like it didn’t throw him for a loop when he realised his feelings. His friends had been worried because he stopped eating for a week and even lost interest in Quidditch. He’d decided to say he was getting visions from Lord Voldemort again. People always left him alone after that. Mention Voldemort and people wanted nothing to do with it. Except Hermione, that is. ‘Harry, you must tell the Headmaster. You really ought to go back to Professor Snape for more Occlumency lessons.’ Not bloody likely. Though that was when his feelings began to change about Snape, wasn’t it? That sodding Pensieve! Always that Pensieve. Harry had dissected his feelings time and time again and he always ended up back at the Pensieve. He’d felt sorry for Snape after seeing what Sirius and his father had done. He felt…somehow, responsible. It forced him to re-think what he thought of Snape. To re-examine Snape’s life as he knew it. He saw a man who endured so much strife; a man who sacrificed so much; a man who risked his life on a daily basis. Snape was a man who must have a fair amount of Gryffindor courage. Yeah, Gryffindor courage, what else would you call it? He looked death in the face every time he went back to Voldemort. How could Harry not admire that?

That train of thought forced Harry to look at Snape in a new light even in class. Of course Snape treated Harry horribly. He had to! It just wouldn’t do to have Snape be kind to Harry bloody Potter, would it? Draco or Crabbe or Goyle or any other Slytherin would mention it to their Death Eater parents. He got it now. Harry was sure that Snape only did it to keep up appearances. After all, he was a member of the Order and Dumbledore trusted him. Harry trusted Dumbledore and that should have been enough. Actually, it was his vivid dreams (and nocturnal emissions) that ultimately convinced him.

Harry sighed. He found himself before a familiar painting of a bowl of fruit. At least he had one friend still at school today. He tickled the pear and was granted entrance to the kitchens. Harry was immediately beset by dozens of overzealous house-elves.

“What may we be getting you, sir?”

“Um, Dobby, please. Is he here?” This resulted in gasps among the throng of elves, as well as some confusion.

-“What has Dobby done?”

-“We will be giving him discipline, sir.”

-“Dobby is not being a normal elf, sir.”

-“Dobby is strange and not very liked.”

-“Will sir please accept apologies?”

-“We is sorry, sir.”

-“We may serve sir as he is needing. Anything at all sir!” The elves were frantically nodding their heads. A few were banging their heads against a wall or table or whatever happened to be handy within arm’s reach. They all appeared scandalised and eager to make amends for whatever Dobby may have done to warrant a visit from Harry.

“He hasn’t done anything wrong. No one will be disciplining Dobby, understand?” They all nodded. Harry was speaking very slowly and clearly to be sure all the elves understood that what he said was also something of an order. “I just want to speak with him. He is my friend. May I see him, please?” Harry was beginning to wonder if this was more trouble than it was worth.

This caused a small commotion of elves racing to an interior room shouting in squeaky voices, “Sir is wanting Dobby! Dobby must come out to serve sir!”

Soon, Dobby was running from where he’d been. “How can Dobby serv– Harry Potter!” Dobby’s tiny features lit up and broke out into a giant smile. “Oh Harry Potter, what can Dobby be doing for you?” The elf reached out and shook Harry’s hand profusely.

“Hey Dobby. It’s good to see you too. I just wanted to visit with a friend.”

When Harry said this, Dobby’s eyes welled up. “Harry Potter is Dobby’s friend! Dobby is very fortunate to be Harry Potter’s friend.” Dobby’s smile became impossibly wider.

Harry was a bit uncomfortable with Dobby’s effusiveness. “Erm, I just thought we could hang out together. You know, spend some time.” The other elves were still standing about watching the odd interchange. Harry nervously looked around. “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.”

Picking up on his discomfort, Dobby clapped his hands and said, “Stop staring at Harry Potter. Elves get back to work!” Dobby motioned to Harry. “Please sir, sit down,” Dobby said, indicating a bench at a table. “Dobby is sorry he was not here to greet sir. Dobby is hiding the Butterbeer so Winky cannot find it.”

“S’okay Dobby. I don’t want to interrupt if you have loads to do.”

“Dobby always has time for Harry Potter, sir.” Harry nodded glumly. “Why is Harry Potter all alone?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day on a Hogsmeade weekend. Everyone is out with their sweethearts.”

“Dobby is forgetting it is a holiday! Harry Potter must be celebrating. Wait, Dobby will get sir something special!” Dobby popped out of sight and was back in an instant. He held out a bottle proudly for Harry. “This is wine made by elves. It is very fine; perfect for Harry Potter!”

“Oh no, Dobby, I don’t think I could. Maybe a Butterbeer.”

“Harry Potter must have elf-made wine on Valentine’s Day. It is the best wine. Even Professor Snape thinks so. Dobby is most pleased Harry Potter chooses to spend Valentine’s Day with Dobby.”

Harry perked up. “Snape likes this wine?”

“Oh yes, it is Professor Snape’s favourite.”

“He said that? That it was his favourite?”

“No, Professor Snape never has said it but sir drinks it with every dinner and is very angry if he is served anything else. Sir has made many elves cry. Elves took turns slamming each other’s hands in a doorway for serving sir poorly.”

“Sounds dreadful.” Harry winced. “That’s my Snape,” he muttered under his breath. Dobby conjured wine goblets and poured the wine. “Will you be joining me?”

“No sir, Dobby will pretend.” Dobby raised his empty goblet and toasted Harry. “To Harry Potter and Valentine’s Day!”

Harry smiled sadly. “Thanks Dobby, but my Valentine’s Day is pretty dull.”

“Why sir? Why is Harry Potter so sad?”

“I have no Valentine.” Harry sipped at his wine. “Mm, this is very good.” He took in a large amount of wine in his mouth and swished it about to savour the many delicate flavours.

Dobby was beaming. “Yes sir, it is most excellent! But why is sir without a Valentine? Is there no one Harry Potter fancies?”

Harry swallowed. “Oh Harry Potter fancies, he just can’t have him.” He sighed. Harry drank more wine and added, “Thanks for this,” indicating the wine. “It makes me feel closer to him somehow. Pitiful.”

“Harry Potter is not pitiful! Sir must not say such things.” Dobby poured Harry another goblet full. “Harry Potter is brave and kind and honourable. Has sir told his Valentine he loves him?”

Upon hearing this, Harry nearly choked on his wine. Sputtering, “I couldn’t, not ever!”

Dobby stood indignantly with his fists on his hips. “Harry Potter can do anything! Harry Potter must not live without love. Sir must tell his Valentine to love him!” Harry was beginning to feel warm and light-headed. He hadn’t eaten much that day. He had been too depressed to eat. Dobby’s words were starting to resonate with him. He drank as Dobby continued, “Sir must make sure his Valentine knows he is loved and must share happiness with Harry Potter. It is easy sir. Everybody loves Harry Potter.” Harry was hazily nodding his head and poured himself another goblet of wine. “Sir’s Valentine probably is thinking Harry Potter does not love him. Harry Potter must tell him he does so his Valentine can show sir love!”

Harry sighed. He was floating. “I should tell him how I feel. I know he wants me! He just can’t show it is all.” Harry drained what remained in his goblet and faced Dobby, full of determination. “May I take a bottle of this wine?”

“Of course! Harry Potter may have whatever he wants. Is sir going to claim his Valentine?” Dobby snapped his fingers and a new bottle appeared.

“Yes, Dobby, I am. Wish me luck!”

“Good luck sir!” Dobby was dancing with delight.


“I don’t know what you think you’re playing at but you will regret your idiotic Gryffindor courage ever allowed you to attempt it.”

“I mean it. I’ll prove it. Here.” Harry handed Snape the bottle of wine and began to untie his trainers and proceeded to remove them as well as his socks. Snape quirked an eyebrow at the bottle in his hands then set it down when he saw what Harry was doing.

“10 points from Gryffindor for your cheek!” Harry continued to disrobe. “Mr. Potter, you are dangerously close to earning a week’s worth of detentions,” Snape said with calm menace in his voice.

“I’ll serve them gladly if they’re with you.” Harry’s voice dropped.

Snape grimaced. “Another 20 points for soliciting a teacher.”

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” Harry said dreamily, his cheeks flushed.

“You think you can tempt me with that repugnant holiday?”

“You and I both are really stressed. Everyone is out having fun. Why shouldn’t we?” Harry advanced on Snape. Snape backed away from the advancing youth, who was now completely naked. “You want this. Probably as much as I do. We need this. We deserve this.” Snape soon found he had backed up against a chair. “You know we do.” Harry gently pushed the man into a seated position. Harry brought his wine stained lips near Snape’s ear and whispered, “I’m offering myself to you.” Snape gasped.

“You don’t know what you’re doing, child.” Snape’s voice sounded rough and the venom usually found therein muted.

Harry climbed into the man’s lap. “Show me.” He reclined in Snape’s arms. “I thought Slytherins took what they wanted. ‘Any means to achieve their ends’ and all that rot.”

“You are inebriated.”

“So? What do you care if it takes liquid courage to get me in your pants? I came to you.” Snape was silent. ~~“Ssseverusss,”~~ Harry hissed. He heard Snape growl.

Harry relaxed in Snape’s lap as he felt arms rise around him. Cradling him, Snape began to gingerly explore Harry. He sighed.

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